Welcome to Haypi Kingdom! Haypi Kingdom is an MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone. It offers gamers exciting battles, elaborate war strategies, and constant social interaction.In Haypi Kingdom you will be a general who strives to make your kingdom prosperous and strong. Form alliances, wage wars, collaborate, and compete your way to the top!


While you are logged off, your kingdom will still be active. When you return your Haypi Kingdom you will be able to resume the game smoothly with fresh resources. Battle against your foes, reap in unlimited prestige, and become the greatest commander in the lands!

Good luck!

Get a Quick Start

Every player enjoys a beginner's protection period when they first begin the game. During this peaceful period, you cannot attack or be attacked by other players. Use this opportunity to develop your city, because the protection will expire in either 7 days or when you gain the title of 3rd Baron—whichever comes first.

1. Go to "TASK" to complete the tasks one by one. These tasks will guide you through the game.
2. Continue upgrading your buildings, further your technology, and train troops to develop your kingdom.
3. Create or join an alliance to collaborate with other players.
4. Send your troops out to hunt. If you get lucky, you can find treasures or money. If your troops are powerful enough, you can attack an oasis or a fort to occupy it.
5. Go to the Market to trade resources or treasures.
6. Upgrade your title. Go to "TASK" to complete a task "Upgrade Title". To upgrade your title, you must reach a minimum prestige requirement. Sometimes upgrades even require treasure.
7. Build as many new cities as your level allows. This gives you more resources to support your kingdom.
8. Wage war on the cities of your opponents to collect extra resources and prestige!
9. Congratulations on your ascent through the ranks!

We recommend that new players get a head start by reading the information below:

Main Interface - Top Bar

Let's get to know the main interface of Haypi Kingdom. First of all, the top bar.

Click the top bar to see details of resources as shown below:

You can see 7 icons on the top bar: wood, stone, iron, crop, worker, money, and coin.

wood stone iron crop worker money coin

Wood, stone, iron, and crop are necessary for upgrading buildings, training troops, and building walls. They can also be bought and sold in the Market. You will need to upgrade your Lumber Mill, Stone Mine, Iron Mine, and Cropland to increase resource production. Tap on each icon for details.

feed your troops. If you have a large troop count, you need to watch your crop supply. If you don’t have enough crops, your troops will starve.

are needed for upgrading buildings, training troops, selling at trades, etc. Your total number of slaves is determined by the level of your Main Building.

is needed for trading at the Market or furthering your technology. You can make money by selling goods at Marketplace, occupying forts, or exchange coins for it (1 coin = 2000 money). You can get money from hunts as well!

can be used to speed-up upgrades, enhance the production of your resources, pay for VIP time, buy resources or treasures, recall troops, enhance the loyalty of your cities, and more. You can receive coins from several sources:

- Try Your Luck;
- A player you recruit reaches 1st Viscount;
- Unlocking treasure chests;
- The “Earn Free Coins" option in Shop;
- Purchasing them in Shop;
- New players start off with 30 coins.

Main Interface - Menu

The bottom frame on the main page. You can see 12 buttons on the bottom bar.

CHAT: There are three chats to choose from: World, Alliance, and Private. World chat is for all players on your server, Alliance is for just members of your alliance, and Private is for one-on-one conversations with another player. To use Private Chat, add a player to your Friends list and select their username.

ALLIANCE: Your alliance is your team. Players in an alliance help each other out, coordinate attacks, or even work together to build a powerful alliance army. Players in the same alliance cannot attack each other. Check the Alliance List to see how many alliances there are and use the ">>" and "<<" buttons to flip from page to page.

TASK: Follow the task list and complete the tasks one-by-one. Before you tap Reward, make sure you have enough warehouse capacity to accept the reward.

HELP: The beginner’s guide in the Help section is a quick and easy reference to use.

RANK: You can see the rank positions of all players in Haypi Kingdom. You can select which rankings list you want to view: title, prestige, or alliance.

Title: There are 20 titles altogether, ranging from 3rd Civilian to King (For details, please see

Prestige: To gain a new title, you must meet the minimum prestige requirement. Some titles also require treasure.

SHOP: In Shop you can purchase coins. You can choose from six available packages.

GENERAL: Here you can distribute your attribute and skill points. You can also upgrade skills and equip treasures here. Tap Management to see additional options. (For details, please see

MAP: Select Map to view your location and neighborhood in Haypi Kingdom. The full map size is 600x600 with coordinates ranging from [0,0] to [600,600]. All players are positioned somewhere on the map.

Each point on the map represents a city, oasis, fort, or empty field. The numbers on each city, oasis, and fort represent their levels. Different colors mark different groups. Your own cities are in green, your allies’ cities are in yellow, and all the other cities are in red. Unoccupied oases and fortified points are marked in white.

Similarly, oases and fortified points that you have occupied are marked in green, those of your allies are marked in yellow and those by rival players are marked in red.

Empty field
Main city
Branch city
Wood oasis
Stone oasis
Iron oasis
Crop oasis

CITIES: Tap Cities to see details of your main city, sub cities, forts, and oases.

ACTION: If you send troops out, you can watch their status under Action. For some actions, you can call troops back with Retreat or Pull Back.

TREASURE: Tap Buy Treasure to choose from a selection of goods like resources, money, nuggets, treasures, etc.

LETTER: Go to Letter to see letters from other players, trade reports, war reports, and other notices.

Main Interface - Buildings

Cropland: Cropland produces crop.

Iron Mine: The Iron Mine produces iron.

Stone Mine: The Stone Mine produces stone.

Lumber Mill: The Lumber Mill produces wood.

Main Building: The Main Building produces the slaves needed to upgrade buildings, train troops, and transport resources from one city to another. To have more worker available, you must upgrade your Main Building.

Warehouse: Your Warehouse stores four resources: crop, iron, wood, and stone. You need to upgrade your warehouse to increase its capacity.

Cranny: The Cranny protects your resources from raids by other players. Upgrading your Cranny increases the amount of resources it can protect.

Barracks: The Barracks are where you can train troops (For details, please see Upgrading the Barracks can speed up the time it takes to train your troops.

Technology Center: The Technology Center is where research takes place. Here you can enhance the abilities you already have or learn how to build traps and turrets. Tech research costs money. Their effects are shared by all of your cities.

Marketplace: You may buy or sell resources or treasure at the Market. Please note that selling resources costs slaves and the Market takes a 10% commission on your earnings.

City Wall: The City Wall is built to protect a city from attacks. To reinforce the city wall, you can build traps and turrets. By increasing the levels of your traps and turrets, you increase your city’s defense.

Traps are pits that catch invaders as they try to cross into your city. The higher level the trap, the more enemies it can catch. If you have points in Convince, you can convince some trapped enemies to join your side. To build or upgrade traps, you must do some research on them first.

Turrets are built on city walls at attackers from a distance. High level turrets are extremely powerful. To build or upgrade turrets, you must do research on them first.

Term Explanations

Speed-Up: If you want to quicken the speed of a build or upgrade, you can use coins to do a Speed-Up.

Enhance: Increases resource production by 50% for a period of time. You have three options: 1 coin for a period of 24 hours, 5 coins for 7 days, and 20 coins for 30 days.

VIP: Ordinary players have 2 action slots at a time for building, technology, traps and turrets, hunting, transport, transports, and dispatches. VIP players get 3 action slots.

To Add VIP Time: Go to Kingdom Management (you can find it under General or the Main Building) and select Add VIP Time. You have four options: 10 coins for 1 week of VIP time, 30 coins for 1 month, 120 coins for 6 months, and 200 coins for 1 year.

Expert: Expert is a role bestowed on outstanding players who are respectful, attentive, and help guide beginners through the game. Experts also keep the chatrooms clean.

There are just a few Experts on each server. Experts are selected based on favorable response from other players and Haypi Kingdom staff's evaluation. Experts will enjoy VIP time for free. Please note that the Expert title is not permanent, and it is performance-based.

PS: Many of our players have inquired about how to become administrators. We thank you all for your interest and support, but administrator positions are for Haypi staff only.

If you would like to learn more, visit our website at If you have suggestions or questions about the game, feel free to email us at

Thank you!