In Haypi Kingdom, you are ruler of a small kingdom. Your goal is to strengthen your cities, make them prosperous, and become the best war general in the world!

You will be in charge of managing your resources, occupying territories, waging wars, forming alliances, etc. You can level from gathering treasures and prestige. Higher levels give you better speed, attack, defense, and fortune—four traits that benefit your entire army. You will also be able to raise skills like Unlock Chest, Hidden Attack, Heal, Convince, and Break Cranny to aide your battle strategies.

Upgrading Your Title
To level, go to Task and then Upgrade General. You must meet prestige and treasure requirements.

A high level player can send out hunting parties, occupy more oases and forts, and build more cities. Occupying oases and fortified points brings you more resources while hunts can bring you riches.

For each title upgrade you will also be awarded:

- Attribute points;
- Skill points;
- Resource bonus;
- Prestige bonus

Attribute Points: Each time you level, you are awarded more points in Speed, Attack, Defense, and Fortune.

Speed: Each point increases your speed by 1%.
Attack: Each point increases your attack by 0.5%.
Defense: Each point increases your defense by 0.5%.
Fortune: More points in fortune mean better hunt rewards and more lucky double attacks in combat.

Skill Points: When you level, you will also be able to raise skills like Unlock Chest, Hidden Attack, Heal, Convince, and Break Cranny to aide your battle strategies.

Unlock Chest Skill:
This skill helps you unlock a chest without the help of a key. The higher the skill, the higher level chests you can unlock.

Hidden Attack Skill:
Normally your opponents will receive an alert when you attack them. With Hidden Attack, however, a percentage of your attacks will go unnoticed and only be viewable under the Action Tab. The higher level your Hidden Attack skill is, the greater the percentage of attacks you can hide.

Heal Skill:
Heal save a portion of your troops. The higher level the skill is, the more troops you can heal.

Break Cranny Skill:
If you have this skill, you can raid resources from the crannies of other players. The higher level your Break Cranny is, the more resources you can raid.

Convince Skill:
If you capture enemy troops in your traps, Convince can persuade a portion of those those troops to join your army. The higher level your Convince is, the more troops you can Convince.

: Prestige is one of two pre-requisites for leveling. To level, you must reach the prestige requirement and have the treasures. You can gain prestige through:

- building;
- training troops;
- war prestige;
- hunting;
- system rewards;
- referral bonuses

Go to Map to choose an oasis, then hit Enter. You will see options Scout, Occupy, Hunt, and Add to Favorite. Send your troops to hunt in an oasis and they may bring back money or treasure after a certain period of time. Hunting also sends troops out of your city so that they will be safe from enemy attacks.

Hunt and harvest:
Hunt and harvest strategies may change due to the fact we are always working on improving the algorithm. Here are the most basic strategies:

The best harvests come from big hunting parties that move at a rapid pace. The longer your troops hunt, the better your harvest. If your troops have hunted for over 8 hours, you can get an extraordinary harvest.

Players with high fortune will get better harvests.

If you hunt in an oasis that has just been hunted in recently, your results will be poor. If you hunt in an oasis that no one has hunted in for a long period of time, you will have a great chance of getting a good result.

Go to MAP and enter a fort or oasis. You will see the options Scout, Occupy, Hunt, and Add to Favorite. Occupy an oasis or fort to get more resources for your city. Please note oases change levels daily. Every 24 hours, occupied oases lose one level while unoccupied oases gain three. You cannot have a level 0 oasis. If your oasis reaches level 0, you lose possession of it.

War Prestige:
When two players battle against one another, the winning party can take prestige from the losing party.

Your prestige count cannot dip below your level’s limit.

War prestige=A-R*B
A represents the losing party’s casualties
B represents the winning party’s casualties
R factors in the level differences.

Sometimes one player is considerably higher level than another. In such cases, R works in favor of the lower-level player. A high-level player gains little prestige from defeating a low-level player. On the other hand, a low-level player gains a high amount of prestige from defeating a high-level player. When both parties are equal level, the coefficient is 1.

Go to War:

When you reach level 4 (3rd Baron) By the time you receive the title of 3rd Baron, you should be ready to fight against other players. Your beginner's protection will now expire. It is time to go to war. Search for a suitable target city in your neighborhood and attack! You will gain prestige and resources from fighting. After each battle, you will find a war report in your mailbox .

City Loyalty:
Your sub cities start off with a loyalty of 100. Each time your city is defeated, you lose 10 loyalty. You regain 10 loyalty per hour. Another player can steal your sub city if its loyalty reaches 0. You can use coins to raise your sub city’s loyalty immediately.

Requirements and Benefits for General Title Upgrade

Level Title Upgrade Requirement Added
Prestige Treasure
1 3rd class civilian 0 0 10 10 0 1 0
2 2nd class civilian 200   5 2 0 1 0
3 1st class civilian 630   5 2 0 2 0
4 3rd class Baron 1150 *1 10 4 1 2 1
5 2nd class Baron 2000   6 3 1 3 1
6 1st class Baron 3600   6 3 1 3 1
7 3rd class Viscount 6500 *1*1 12 6 2 4 2
8 2nd class Viscount 11500   7 4 2 4 2
9 1st class Viscount 20000   7 4 2 5 2
10 3rd class Earl 35000 *1*1 14 8 3 5 3
11 2nd class Earl 65000   8 5 3 6 3
12 1st class Earl 115000   8 5 3 6 3
13 3rd class Marquis 200000 *1*1 16 10 4 7 4
14 2nd class Marquis 360000   9 6 4 7 4
15 1st class Marquis 650000   9 6 4 8 4
16 3rd class Duke 1150000 *3 18 12 5 8 5
17 2nd class Duke 2000000   10 7 5 9 5
18 1st class Duke 3600000   10 7 5 9 5
19 Prince Regent 6500000 *2*2 20 14 6 10 6
20 King 11500000 *4*4 25 16 6 10 6