Q: What is Haypi Kingdom?
Haypi Kingdom is a war MMORPG that is set in the Middle Ages. In the game you build a kingdom, form alliances, lead battles against your foes, and try to become king. Gain riches and prestige and become the most powerful king in the game!

How to Start

Q: How do I start?
There are many ways you can start:

1. Go to Help and read Basic Operations.
2. Go to Task and follow the tasks one-by-one. Each time you complete a task, tap Reward to collect your rewards. Make sure you have the warehouse space for your rewards!
3. Go to our website www.haypi.com to read the tutorial and learn important tips.
4. Go to Chat to ask for help from other players.
5. Contact us at kingdomsupport@haypi.com.


Q: I completed a lot of tasks and didn’t get the rewards. Why is that?
Make sure your warehouse has space for your resources first! If it does not, then you need to upgrade it first. Then go to Task, tap on a completed reward, and collect it.

Q: Why does it keep telling me I can't attack players with Beginner’s Protection Period? What is that?
Every player starts the game with Beginner’s Protection Period. During this peaceful time, you cannot attack or be attacked by other players. Use this opportunity to develop your city. The protection period lasts a week or until you reach level four—whichever comes first.

Q: What do these terms mean: SpeedUp, Enhance, and VIP Time?
These are things you can use to improve your builds.

SpeedUp: SpeedUp takes time off your builds. You can take 15 minutes off with one coin, 1 hour with 2 coins, and 5 hours with 5 coins. With 10 coins you can finish a build instantly.

Enhance: This option enhances resource production by 50% for a period of time. You have three options: 1 coin for 24 hours, 5 coins for 7 days, and 20 coins for 30 days.

VIP: Ordinary players have 2 action slots: each city can upgrade two buildings, two traps/turrets, and send out two hunting parties at once. Ordinary players can also transport 2 sets of resources and attack/dispatch 2 sets of troops. If you would like 3 action slots, you can purchase VIP time.

Add VIP Time: Go to Main Building to select Add VIP Time. You have four options: 10 coins for 1 week of VIP time, 30 coins for 1 month, 120 coins for 6 months, and 200 coins for 1 year.

Q: Why are my in-App purchases invalid? When trying to purchase coins I keep getting this message: “You must purchase the app that this item is for before you can purchase the item.” But I downloaded the app for free.
You received this message because you tried to purchase coins from the wrong account.

An in-App purchase on iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad has to be made from the account that “purchased” the app. Even though Haypi Kingdom is a free application, it is still marked as “purchased” in the iTunes Store. Since the username that the in-app purchase is attempting to be made from doesn't match the account that "purchased" it, it is giving you this error.

The only way around this issue would be to erase the app, download it again while signed in from your original account, and then try again.

Q: My upgrading finished but the building is still the same level. Help!
Log out and log back in. Your new building level should show up now.


Q: What is the purpose of crop, wood, iron, and stone?
These resources are required for upgrading your buildings and training an army.

Q: How do I upgrade a building?
Tap on a building you want to upgrade then tap Upgrade. To upgrade, you need crop, iron, stone, wood, and slaves. If the resource is highlighted in red, it means you do not have enough of that resource. Upgrades take time, you can do other tasks while waiting tap SpeedUp shorten the time.

Q: How do I get more crops?
Tap Cropland and then tap on Upgrade. The higher level your Cropland is, the more crops it produces per hour.

Q: How do I get more resources?
Resources can be acquired from a number of ways:

1. Upgrade your Lumber Mill, Stone Mine, Iron Mine, and Cropland;
2. Upgrade your Woodcutting, Digging, Smelting, and Planting in the Technology building;
3. Hunt for money or treasure;
4. Occupy oases for resources; occupy forts for money;
5. Attack other players or unoccupied forts to raid their resources;
6. Trade with other players in Market.

Q: How can I get more workers?
Upgrade your Main Building to get more slaves. The higher level Main Building is the faster the manpower increases.


Q: How can I protect my resources from raids?
: Your cranny protects a portion of your resources. The higher level your cranny is, the more resources it can protect. If you are attacked by a player who has skill points in Break Cranny, he/she can still raid a portion of your protected resources.

Q: What happens if you have more resources than your warehouse can carry?
If your warehouse overflows, you will lose the extra resources. That is why you should maximize your warehouse level.

Q: How can I get more upgrade slots?

VIP: Ordinary players have 2 action slots: each city can upgrade two buildings, two traps/turrets, and send out two hunting parties at once. Ordinary players can also transport 2 sets of resources and attack/dispatch 2 sets of troops. If you would like 3 action slots, you can purchase VIP time.

Add VIP Time: Go to Main Building to select Add VIP Time. You have four options: 10 coins for 1 week of VIP time, 30 coins for 1 month, 120 coins for 6 months, and 200 coins for 1 year.


Q: What are the benefits of being in an alliance?
Players in the same alliance help each other out. They can make friends, trade tips, and even coordinate attacks through Alliance Chat. An alliance can also build its own army and battle other alliances in the mines.

Q: How do I join an alliance?
Tap on Alliance to see the Alliance List. Choose one, select Ask to Join, and wait for your approval. You may, of course, create your own alliance.

Q: I have sent a request to join an alliance. What do I do now?
Wait for the approval of one of the alliance’s leaders. If you do not hear back from them, you can rejoin another alliance.


Q: Why can't I train any soldiers?
: Training troops costs resources and manpower. Make sure that you have enough resources. The Barracks are where you train troops. The higher level the Barracks are, the faster the troops can be trained.

Q: Can I cancel an upgrade or troops training?
: Upgrades and trainings cannot be canceled once they have started.

Q: How do I hunt?
: Go to map and choose an oasis to enter. You'll see the options Scout, Occupy, and Hunt. If you have trained soldiers, you can send them to an oasis to hunt. They may bring back money or treasures after a certain period of time. It is recommended that you hunt when you will be gone for long periods of time—enemy players will not be able to attack them.

Q: How can I read the map?
: The Haypi map is 600x600 coordinates. The coordinates range from [0, 0] to [600, 600]. All players are positioned somewhere on the map.

Each set of coordinate marks a city, oasis, fort, or empty field. The number on the territory represents its level. Territories are color-coded. Your own cities are marked in green. Your alliance member's cities are marked in yellow, and all the other cities are marked in red. Unoccupied oases and fortified points are marked in white.

Oases and forts that you have occupied are marked in green. Those occupied by your alliance members are marked in yellow and those occupied by your rival players are marked in red.

Empty field
Main city
Branch city
Wood oasis
Stone oasis
Iron oasis
Crop oasis

Q: How is harvest related to hunt?
The strategy may change because we are constantly trying to improve the algorithm. However, these rules will always be applicable:

1. Fast, large hunting parties get the best results.
2. The longer you hunt, the better your harvest. If your troops are out for 8 hours or more you may get extraordinary rewards.
3. The higher your fortune, the better your harvests.
4. If you hunt in an oasis which has just been hunted in by another player, your may come back empty-handed. If you hunt on an oasis which is untouched for long, the possibility of a great harvest will be high.

Q: How do I occupy?
Go to map and choose an oasis to enter. You'll see the options Scout, Occupy, and Hunt. Choose Occupy to attack the oasis and occupy it.

Q: How did I lose my oasis?
: Unoccupied oases gain three levels a day. Occupied oases lose one level every day. When the level of your oasis decreases to level 0, you lose it. You will have to constantly occupy new oases to get the best resources.

Q: I have occupied an oasis, but I can't find it, where is it?
Tap Cities and go to the Oasis tab to see your oases.

Q: I lost troops without getting attacked. What happened?
: Your troops starved because you ran out of crop. Crop is the resource you need to feed your troops.

Technology Center

Q: Why can't I build traps or turrets?
If you want to build a trap or turret, you have to research Build Traps or Build Turrets at the Technology Center. To upgrade your traps/turrets, you must upgrade your Trap and Turret Research.

Q: How do I decipher my scouting reports?
The precision of your scout report depends your scouting level and your opponent’s scouting level. If your scouting level is considerably higher than your opponent’s, you will get a more detailed scout report.

Several: 0 to 9
One or two dozen means that enemies number is between 10~24
Dozens: 25-49
Scores: 50-99
One or two hundred:100-249
Several hundred: 250-499
Hundreds: 500-999
One or two thousand: 1000-2499
Several thousand: 2500-4999
Thousands: 5000-9999
Over 100 hundred: over 10,000


Q: What are General Titles?
Your titles are your levels. Leveling requires prestige and treasures. There are quite a few ways to gain prestige:

- Building;
- Hunting;
- Combat;
- Task Rewards.

Benefits of leveling:
- More attribute and skill points;
- Resource bonuses;
- Prestige bonuses;
- Occupy more cities, oases and forts;
- Higher title.

Q: How do I build my second city?
: To build a second city, you must be level 4 or above and have 1000 of each resource. Tap Map to find an empty field, then select Enter and Create City.

Q: How do I level?
Go to Task and complete the Upgrade Title tasks. Once you meet the prestige and treasure requirements, you can gain a new title.

Q: How do I defend my cities?
Your city can defend itself automatically if your troops, traps, and turrets are set to go. They will fight back on their own.

Q: Can other players steal my cities?
Other players cannot steal your main city, but they can steal your sub cities. Each time a sub city is attacked, it loses 10 loyalty points. When your sub city has 0 loyalty, another player can steal it (provided that they have not reached their sub city limit). You recover 10 loyalty per hour. You can also use coins to immediately raise the loyalty of a city.

Q: How do battles work?
The length of the battlefield will always be 300 more than the max shooting range of the players. The player with the faster speed gets first hit. If both sides have equal speed, the side on defense gets first hit unless their troops wait or move backwards. For each attack, there is a counterattack. Troops can attack any target within their range. A troop type attacks one single target in each round. If no target is specified, your troops attack the nearest enemy troop type by default. If both parties are in range of each other, each offensive attack will be met with a counterattack.

Q: How can I cancel an action in wars?
If you change your mind after you have dispatched your troops, you can tap Retreat. This costs coins .

Q: How does war prestige work?
When two players battle against one another, the winning party can take prestige from the losing party.

Your prestige count cannot dip below your level’s limit.

War prestige=A-R*B
A represents the losing party’s casualties
B represents the winning party’s casualties
R factors in the level differences.

Sometimes one player is considerably higher level than another. In such cases, R is weighed in favor of the lower-level player. A high-level player gains little prestige from defeating a low-level player. On the other hand, a low-level player gains a high amount of prestige from defeating a high-level player. When both parties are equal level, the coefficient is 1.

Q: How does money work? How can I get money?
You can use money to upgrade your technology, upgrade your treasures, and buy things off the Market.

You can get money by selling resources or treasures, hunting in oases, occupying forts, or simply exchanging coins for them through Buy Treasure.

Q: How do coins work? How can I get coin?
Coins can be used to hurry builds, enhance the resource outputs of your buildings, buy VIP time, buy resources or treasures, retreat, and enhance your city loyalty immediately. You can get coins from the following:

- Try Your Luck;
- As a reward from Task Refer 2;
- Unlocking treasure chests;
- Earn Free Coins under Shop;
- Purchases (0.99 USD = 9 coins);
- Every player is given 30 coins when they first play the game.

PVP Competition

Q: What are the memory sizes of the prize devices?
- A $500 iPad (16GB)
- A $229 iPod Touch (8GB)
- A $50 iPod Shuffle (2GB)

Q: How many prizes are there total?
: There are 856 prizes altogether, so you have a pretty good chance of winning.

Q: Is my normal account still active?
Of course! You'll have to keep watch on both accounts: your normal account and your PVP account.

Q: How do I log onto the server?
: First make sure your App is up-to-date. When you start Haypi Kingdom, go to My Account and then to PVP Login.

Q: How are player rankings determined?
Player rankings are determined through prestige.

If your question is not answered in the FAQ, feel free to email us at kingdomsupport@haypi.com.