Cropland: Cropland produces crop.
Iron Mine: The Iron Mine produces iron.
Stone Mine: The Stone Mine produces stone.
Lumber Mill: The Lumber Mill produces wood.

Main Building: The Main Building produces the slaves needed to upgrade buildings, train troops, and transport resources from one city to another. To have more worker available, you must upgrade your Main Building.

: Your Warehouse stores four resources: crop, iron, wood, and stone. You need to upgrade your warehouse to increase its capacity.

Cranny: The Cranny protects your resources from raids by other players. Upgrading your Cranny increases the amount of resources it can protect.

Barracks: The Barracks are where you can train troops (For details, please see Upgrading the Barracks can speed up the time it takes to train your troops.

Technology Center: The Technology Center is where research takes place. Here you can enhance the abilities you already have or learn how to build traps and turrets. Tech research costs money. Their effects are shared by all of your cities.

Marketplace: You may buy or sell resources or treasure at the Market. Please note that selling resources costs slaves and the Market takes a 10% commission on your earnings.

City Wall:
The City Wall is built to protect a city from attacks. To reinforce the city wall, you can build traps and turrets. By increasing the levels of your traps and turrets, you increase your city’s defense.

Traps are pits that catch invaders as they try to cross into your city. The higher level the trap, the more enemies it can catch. If you have points in Convince, you can convince some trapped enemies to join your side. To build or upgrade traps, you must do some research on them first.

Turrets are built on city walls at attackers from a distance. High level turrets are extremely powerful. To build or upgrade turrets, you must do research on them first.

Speed-Up: If you are want to quicken the speed of a build or upgrade, you can use coins to do a Speed-Up.

Enhance: Increases resource production by 50% for a period of time. You have three options: 1 coin for a period of 24 hours, 5 coins for 7 days, and 20 coins for 30 days.

VIP: Ordinary players have 2 action slots at a time for building, technology, traps and turrets, hunting, transport, transports, and dispatches. VIP players get 3 action slots.

Add VIP Time: Go to Kingdom Management (you can find it under General or the Main Building) and select Add VIP Time. You have four options: 10 coins for 1 week of VIP time, 30 coins for 1 month, 120 coins for 6 months, and 200 coins for 1 year.