The Barracks are where you can train troops. In the Barracks you can train Infantry, Cavalry, Archers, and Catapults. If you want a training time, you must upgrade your Barracks first.

The Technology building is where research takes place. You can enhance your troops through Technology by increasing their Shooting Skill, Marching Skill, Attack Skill, and Defense Skill. You can also build turrets and traps to increase the defense of your city. All of your cities benefit from the research.

Troops Details



The Infantry fights on foot. Infantry is the quickest to train, takes the least amount of slaves, and costs the least amount of resources. They are ideal for attacking an enemy with traps.
The Cavalry fights on horseback. They are the swiftest of the four troop types, have the strongest defense, and can carry the most resources.
Archers shoot with bows and arrows from a distance. They may not be as powerful as catapults, but they move faster and cost less resources and slaves.
Catapults are the most powerful of the four troop types. They have great range and great attack power, but move slowly and cost the most amount of resources.
Traps are pits that catch invaders as they try to cross into your city. The higher level the trap, the more enemies it can catch. If you have points in Convince, you can convince some trapped enemies to join your side. To build or upgrade traps, you must do some research on them first.
Turrets are built on city walls at attackers from a distance. High level turrets are extremely powerful. To build or upgrade turrets, you must do research on them first.