Haypi Dragon Tutorial

(Tutorial in Chinese)


To Join in PVP

Haypi Town


PVP-select Room

How to join in PVP

  • To participate in pvp, tap on the PVP building at ① in Haypi Town. You will come to the Select Room page.
  • There will be a list of rooms in the red marked area. Select one and tap ③ to enter.
  • If a room is full, in combat, or locked with a password, then you cannot enter that room.
  • If you aren't picky about which room to enter, tap Quick Enter at ② and system will automatically put you into a room for battle as soon as possible.
  • You can also create a room of your own at ① and make your own team.
  • When creating a room, you can choose the room size and the battle scenes. You can also set a password.
  • Some devices have no access to 2v2、3v3 or 4v4 team sizes due to their performance.


PVP Waiting Room

  • The four boxes in the red rectangle contain information about you and your teammates. Locked squares containing the sign indicate that those extra teammate spots are not available.
  • As room master, you have the authority to kick other players out of your room. To do that, tap on their name and select the kick option.
  • As room master, you can tap “invite” at ② to invite your friends into the room and join you in the battle. This does not work in level 1.
  • As room master, you can tap Start button at ① to start the pvp combat once all your teammates are ready.
  • Teammates cannot invite other players. When the word Start at ① is replaced with Ready, tap Ready to tell your host you are ready to fight.
  • After the room master taps Start at ① your team will face another team and the battle will begin.


What can you get from a PVP battle?

  • You can get honor from a pvp victory. Your team will receive one honor point for each enemy you kill. The victory team receives 10 more honors.
  • PVP victories affect your PVP rank.


PVP Medals


Player Info page

  • Tap Info at ② in Haypi Town to see your player information.
  • Your PVP medal is outlined in red. The numbers underneath indicate how far you are from your next medal.
  • You get honor points from winning PVP battles. Once you have a certain number of honor points, you will receive a higher medal.
  • Your medal will appear in chatrooms and PVP rooms to highlight your strength.


Types of Medal


Iron (level 0)
No honor required
Bronze (level 1)
1000 honor required
Eagle (level 2)
2000 honor required
Silver (level 3)
4000 honor required

 Tiger (level 4)
8000 honor required

Golden (level 5)
16000 honor required



Python (level 6)
32000 honor required

 Crystal (level 7)
64000 honor required

Dragon (level 8)
132000 honor required




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