Haypi Dragon Tutorial

(Tutorial in Chinese)



Haypi Town


Dragon Introduction:

Rock Stormer – Roco: Roco’s personality matches his appearance. He is stury and reliable.

Alias: Sir Hulk
Base Level:

Plant Summoner – Leshy: Never underestimate Leshy; she’s the ruler of the Ancient Forest.

Alias: Dr. Twist
Base Level:

Fire Trainer – Lava: Lava has a personal stylist who keeps him lookin' hot at all times.

Alias: Mr.Blaze
Base Level:

Ice Blaster – Crystal: Crystal likes to preserve things by freezing them.

Alias: Ms.Cool
Base Level:

Angle Dragon – Angelo: Angelo has a big heart; that’s why everybody likes her.

Alias: Dear Nanny
Base Level:

Painted Egg-Shell: Shell is so naughty he can’t even control his bombs.

Alias: Naughty
Base Level:

Devil-Satan: Satan is powerful and evil, full of mysterious charm

Alias: Devil
Base Level:


How Can I Obtain Dragons?

Rock Stormer – Roco has been with you since the very beginning. He’s a simple fellow and a reliable partner.

Plant Summoner – Leshy has great potential, too bad most people don’t know how powerful she can grow up to be.

Appearance: 1-15 of Ancient Forest
Tame Odds:

Fire Trainer- Lava is extremely popular. After all, he’s hot, high-tech, and has grenades.

Appearance: 2-15 of Elf City
Tame Odds:

Ice Blaster – Crystal is a modest guy;  few people can encourage him to show off all his powers.

Appearance: 3-30 of Ice Hill
Tame Odds:

Angel Dragon – Anglo is meant to be loved. You want her on your team, because she can heal the sick and rescue the dying.

Appearance: 4-45 of Dragon Valley
Tame Odds:

Painted Egg-Shell: Shell is so naughty he can’t even control his bombs.

Appearance: Scenic Gulf 5-45
Tame Odds: less than 1%

Devil-Satan: Satan is powerful and evil, full of mysterious charm

Appearance: Volcano 6-45
Tame Odds: 1%


Leveling Your Dragon

Your dragon levels from gaining experience points, or EXP. A dragon’s EXP comes from two sources:

The first source for gaining EXP: combat

  • The basic source of EXP is winning battles.
  • The amount of EXP your dragon gains from a fight depends on the levels you complete and and the scores you receive. The more difficult the level, the more EXP you and your dragon gain.
  • Dragons will get bonus EXP the first time it passes a level.
  • When a map level matches the dragon’s level, EXP rewards will be rich. When the map level is lower than the dragon’s, the EXP rewards will be poor.


The second source for gaining EXP: training

Dragon Eyrie page

  • The second way for a dragon to get EXP is through training. In Haypi Town, you can enter Dragon Eyrie ② to train.
  • Tap on an available eyrie, choose a dragon, and start training. The right eyrie is only available for VIP players.
  • The EXP earned from training is depends on the training time.
  • Training your dragon isn’t free. If the training is within 4 hours, you only need to pay money. For longer trainings, you will need coins.
  • Your dragon can still fight while training. However, it can’t explore and train at the same time.
  • Click the Lightning icon over your dragon’s head to finish training instantly. It will cost you 1 coin for each hour reduced. Cost increases when you use instant-train multiple times in 24 hours.



Dragon Combat

Dragon page

  • In Haypi Town, tap Dragon to see the dragon you own.
  • The resting dragon has a combat button, click COMBAT button at the position ①, this dragon will enter battle status and fight for you.
  • A dragon in exploration can’t fight for you.
  • A dragon in training can still fight for you. Fighting won’t influence the training effect.


Enhancing Your Dragon

Dragon Enhancement - Embedding Stones

Magic Matrix

  • In Haypi Town, tap building ③ – Magic Matrix to enter the embedding area. Tap on one of your dragons to see its Magic Matrix.
  • In the Magic Matrix, ① shows detail information of the dragon you selected, ② shows its activated stones, and ③ is a list of magic stones in your warehouse.
  • If you want to view a different dragon’s Magic Matrix, you can do so by tapping ① to return to the selection page.
  • Tap and drag a stone on the right-side into a matching slot to embed it into the matrix.
  • Embedding is free.
  • Embedded stones can be replaced, but only by higher level stones.
  • After a magic stone has been replaced, it will disappear.


Teaching your dragon new skills

Dragon info page


Dragon details

  • After selecting the Dragon page, tap a dragon’s portrait to see its information. Here you can see its level, EXP, abilities, and and bombs.
  • Tap Abilities panel at ① to learn or upgrade dragon abilities.
  • Tap Bombs panel at ② to learn or upgrade a dragons’ bombs.


Dragon Abilities

  • Tap buttons ②, ③, and ④ to see the abilities’ instructions and requirements. Tap ① to learn or upgrade abilities.
  • Learning and upgrading abilities costs money. Available abilities are determined by your dragon’s level. If you have not met the requirements to learn or upgrade an ability, button ① will dim out.
  • The ability button dims out when you aren’t able to learn or upgrade abilities. However, ability information can still be viewed.



  • Tap buttons ② and ③ to view information about available bombs.
  • Learning and upgrading bombs costs money. Available abilities are determined by your dragon’s level. If you have not met the requirements to learn or upgrade a ability, button ① will dim out.
  • The ability button dims out when you aren’t able to learn or upgrade bombs. However, bomb information can still be viewed.
  • Each dragon has two unique bombs, and each one has a special effect and use.


Dragon Skills


Power increases the damage a bomb does. This skill is available from level 1 and has 20 levels.
Power can enhance all kinds of bombs. You can combine it with other skills and use it multiple times per attack.

Power costs the least amount of money and applies to all bombs, which makes it the most desirable ability.

Quick shot

Quick Shot allows dragons to hit a target twice per attack. Dragons can learn this ability at lvl6. Quick Shot has 20 levels.

Quick Shot can only enhance normal bombs. It cannot be combined with Volley and can only be used once per attack.

At lower levels, Quick Shot shoots only two bombs. When the ability reaches level 11, the number of bombs increases to three.

Quick Shot can hit enemies consecutively and destroy buildings. It’s very useful in both short and long-ranged attacks.

Quick Shot can only be aimed once per attack, so if the first shot blows the target out of shooting range, the following shot will miss the target.t.


Volley allows a dragon to shoot three bombs at once. However, each bomb flies at a different angle and lands in a different spot. Dragons can learn Volley at lvl10. Volley has 10 levels altogether.

Volley can only enhance a normal bomb. You cannot combine it with Quick Shot or use it more than once per attack.

Due to each bomb having its own trajectory, it’s hard for all three bombs to hit a target unless the target is very close-ranged. >


Dragon Abilities


Rock is Roco’s special ability. It does the most damage on contact and can also stun its targets for one round.

Rock has 20 levels altogether.

Rock can do severe damage to structures. Almost no structure can withstand a single hit from it.

Rock is unaffected by windforce, making it the most reliable bomb to use when the wind is strong.


Cracking is Roco's unique ability. It has a large explosion range, doing damage to all targets around it . Cracking also has a slight chance of stunning its targets.

Roco can learn Cracking when he reaches level 3. This bomb has 20 levels altogether.

Although Cracking affects a huge area, it does not do much damage. It’s great for attacking fragile things like wood.


Flaming is Lava’s special bomb. This bomb will hit a target with its initial damage, then goes on to cause additional burn damage over the next two rounds.

Lava can learn Flaming once he reaches level 3. This bomb has 20 levels altogether.

A target’s defense rating is of no use when sustaining burn damage. Flaming works best on targets with high defense ratings.



Grenade is Lava’s special bomb. It explodes 3 seconds after it lands and causes severe damage to all the targets within range. It can also burn its targets.

Lava can learn Grenade when he reaches level 8. This bomb has 20 levels altogether.

Grenade will also hit hidden targets. If the targets are knocked into an abyss, they will die.


Vine is Leshy’s special bomb. This bomb turns into a vine once it reaches the highest point of the trajectory. It stabs the target from a 45% angle, causing severe damage. It also has a chance of ensnaring its target.

Leshy can learn Vine when she reaches level 3. This bomb has 20 levels altogether.

Vine has unique flying path. Once you are familiar with it, it’s easy for you to hit your target. When a target is ensnared, its defense rating drops and it can no longer move. The skill is more useful against higher-level opponents.

Corpse Flower

Corpse Flower is Leshy’s special bomb. It generates a spore after it lands. The spore attacks its nearest enemy and has a chance of ensnaring them.

Leshy can learn Corpse Flower when she reaches level 8. There are 20 levels altogether.

The biggest advantage of Corpse Flower is that it recognizes its enemies. You don’t have to worry about it attacking allies that are near to your enemies.

The spore of Corpse Flower disregards all barriers and can even bite enemies through bricks. The closer a Corpse Flower is to its enemy, the more damage it will do.


Ice Cube is Crystal’s special bomb. Once it hits its target, an ice cube drops from the sky, doing extra damage and has a chance to freeze its target for one round.

Crystal can learn Ice Cube once he reaches level 3. There are 20 levels altogether.

Since Ice Cube drops from the sky, don’t use it when your enemy is underneath something.


Ice-rain is Crystal’s unique ability. It changes into ice rain at the highest point, turns into 5 ice arrows to attack enemy in scattering directions. And it might freeze the targets.

Ice-rain can be picked up by Crystal when he reaches lvl8. There are 20 levels.

Ice-rain spreads ice arrows in a large scale and attacks enemies in a wild range. It has high possibility for it to freeze enemies, but damage of a single arrow is weak.


Heal is Angelo’s special bomb. When Heal lands, it heals allies within a certain range around the impact point, increasing their HP.

Angelo can learn Heal when she reaches level 3. There are 20 levels altogether.

Heal is the only ability that recovers HP. This makes one of the most popular characters in the game. After all, who would hate a healer?


Pray is Angelo’s special bomb. When Pray hits a target, it blesses allies within a certain range with more power.

Angelo can learn Pray when she reaches level 8. There are 20 levels altogether.

Angelo cannot Pray and attack on the same turn, so choose wisely. This bomb is best used when Angelo’s teammates are much stronger than her.

Painted Egg:

Lands, then turns into a walking mechanical bomb and walks towards the target to fire (Shell)


Generates an Iron Ball, Frost Bomb, or Missile. Iron ball is powerful, frost bomb can freeze the target, and Missile can target-lock an enemy when coming down. (Shell)


Returns a bit of health after damaging its opponent. (Satan)


Puts a curse on the target, causing severe damage after several turns. (Satan)



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