Haypi Dragon Tutorial

(Tutorial in Chinese)



Haypi Town


Explore page

How to Explore

  • Tap Explore at ① in Haypi Town to enter the Explore page.
  • There are 10 exploration areas on the Explore page. Available scenes are shown in color. Scenes outside of your level range are shown in gray.
  • Click on an available scene and you can see its available rewards. Then choose a dragon to let it explore.
  • To explore, a player must be at least level 6 and a dragon must be at least level 5. Only resting dragons can explore.
  • Training dragons and dragons in combat mode cannot explore. Likewise, exploring dragons cannot fight or be trained.
  • Explore does not cost any money, but its rewards are great! You can receive money, coins, stones, and even map pieces!



Magic Forest: This place is deceitful. In fact, this cursed forest is filled with dangerous sorcery and witchcraft.

Dragon: Levels 5 and up

Time: 2 hours

Dark Swamp: Strange creatures are hiding here and watching you!

Dragon: Levels 10 and up

Time: 4 hours

Deep Sea: What else can you expect from the lightless deep sea? You are bound to prey.

Dragon: Levels 15 and up

Time: 6 hours

Behemoth's Skeleton: Will you face the same fate as Behemoth?

Dragon: Levels 20 and up

Time: 8 hours

Lava Hell: To whomever survives the previous adventures, welcome. We hope you have enjoyed your trip from HELL.

Dragon: Levels 25 and up

Time: 10 hours

Death Desert: There's no sign of life in this boundless desert.

Dragon: Levels 30 and up

Time: 12 hours

Great Rift: Doesn't it look like the slobbering mouth of The Beast? If you come closer, you'll be swallowed..

Dragon: Levels 35 and up

Time: 14 hours

Space Warp: Even your face gets distorted in the space warp. Inhale! Exhale! Inner peace! Inner peace! Anybody there? No!!!

Dragon: Levels 40 and up

Time: 16 hours

Snow Field: Strong winds keep blowing. Look out! You are heading towards the wrong direction.

Dragon: Levels 45 and up

Time: 18 hours

Frozen Peak: Don't look down unless you want to fall off and break into pieces.

Dragon: Levels 50 and up

Time: 20 hours


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