As they were both vices in the alliance, they were just doing their jobs by helping the new players like me. Later I was able to earn my position as a vice leader in that great alliance, and even passed up a few that helped me out. I was excelling greatly. The one who use to farm me was now a good 3 levels lower than I.

Things were going amazing until the day I lost everything. Our alliance was at war with an alliance called Bloodlust. They warped all their cities to mine, cropped me, wiped my entire army and farmed me for days. My alliance was doing their best to help me but were dealing with the same problem.

I felt defeated and torn. My view of Haypi became grim and I felt the sting of war. I knew not of it before and was considering quitting. I felt like there wasn't room in Haypi Kingdom for me anymore. But I was so blessed to have friends that help me realize that it was a war game and that those things happen, that it only makes you stronger and more experienced. If it wasn't for them I know that my life would be missing the game that permanently marked my life.

As I barley escaped that battle of quitting, I realized that my friends were right. I grew stinger, had a bigger army and became way less of a target.

People were more hesitant to attack me and I started wiping others. I became a Haypi Master. Although my army wasn't nearly as big as others, my strengths were in the knowledge of the game. I now began to expand. I started completing the "Task 36" by creating new accounts.

As I did this, I used my knowledge of Haypi Kingdom to start helping other servers and new players. I found that helping new ones love the game as I do, made the game mire fun for me. I had players that I taught how to play Haypi, challenge me. Although I won the wars against most of them, I was so excited players were getting the "Haypi Fever!" The whole experience has been a blast that could never be replaced- EVER. What used to be a regular, normal itouch to me soon became the holder of one of my closest friends.

Through thick and thin as I learned the ropes and discovered new things in this amazing game, I realized that it's about having fun, working together, building friendships, and overall enjoying the game. A very special thank you to: Haypi Kingdom, The Support team, Haypi Kingdom players: Mountain, Gethrobo, Complicate/Citylights, Erin87, Daltara,Trusmaniac, Herogal22, and all the others I have met along the way for greatly impacting my life and Haypi for the better.