Through Thick and Thin: My Haypi Adventures

by Legit333

One day I was browsing through the app store looking for good games. I had just gotten my first ever itouch. It wasn't much but I was still extremely grateful. I downloaded this app that told me about free games and I became hungry for an adventure. Soon, my browsing became a furious frenzy to find a great game. And one day, a great, beautiful day, on the top 5 free games of this free game teller app, was a game called Haypi Kingdom. It looked like a plain jane app with the emblem of a brown circle with a sword in it; but yet, it caught my attention and interest. So I decided to download it. Little did I know what I was about to get myself into.

As it was done downloading, it was time for dinner. I had prepared a delicious steak dinner. I decided the game testing could wait as I sank my teeth into a juicy steak. as I was done, I left the table, got to my itouch, and opened the app. For some reason, I was nervous. I really did have high hopes for the app Haypi Kingdom I just downloaded. As I opened the app, so my eyes opened as well. Before me, I found a complicated game of adventure and war.

I knew nothing about the app so I decided to read the help guide. Thus, my Haypi adventure started. As I slowly learned how to play, I realized there were others I was playing with. And as I found out about world chat, my game experience increased ten fold. I also went ballistic and told all my 

friends about it and how awesome it was. Most were hesitant and thought it was going to be lame. Eventually I got one of my good friends to download it for me to help me finish my "refer 1" task. He didn't want to play it but decided to give the game a chance. My friend saw that it was amazing and we played together.

Although I had a friend and knew a little about the game, I realized that I was in need of help from someone experienced. I soon leveled up to the Third Barron level, and became quickly aware of other players. I became a farming target for most around me. They would attack me three to five times a day for my city's resources. I became in need of people who would protect me. I was aware of the rule that people couldn't attack their fellow alliance members so I applied for a position at the alliance Trusoljas- as one of their members was actively attacking me. I found this the safest way to stop the attacks. Even though I joined the alliance to stop the player from attacking me, I learned much more from that wonderful alliance.

There in the Trusoljas alliance, I met two players (Gethrobo and Mountain) that made Haypi Kingdom the game it is for me. They taught me everything I needed to know. They taught me how to command in war, ways to level up, how to gain prestige and resources quickly; they were just an overall great help.