From One Friend to Another

by PrncssSara/Server 52

Almost a year now it’s been since I was first introduced to the world of Haypi, and oh what a ride it’s been. Through all the wars between alliances, the emotions shared with others, and most of all the hundreds of new and wonderful friends I’ve gained are only a listed few of the many wonderful pieces that put together Haypi. I’ve laughed, cried and even been angry enough to throw my phone more than once, but in an ever changing world of an online MMO one thing remains constant, Friends!

Shortly after I began my adventures in Haypi, I was diagnosed with an “un-explainable” heart condition. Through the course of my illness, my friends in Haypi have done more for me than I could ever imagine. They’ve listened when I’ve needed someone to listen, made me laugh and smile while I was sad and most of all they were just there for me when I needed them! In between all the alliance ads, the feuding and other randomness in World Chat, are friends who I will remember forever, but little did I realize that my turn to return this kindness was soon coming!

After a very many months I ventured out into the unknown again making my first new account on another server. After being chosen as an expert on Server 52 I have enjoyed meeting a whole new group of friendly faces! One day there as we were all chatting I received a PM from another player whom I will call “Angel”. Angel was upset and asked if I could give her advice for a situation which had presented itself in her own personal life. Her best friend’s boyfriend tried to kiss her, a situation more common than not and unbiased as to whom it occurs to. I sat there reading as she typed to me, all her concerns, anxiety and fear of losing her best friend because of this. The only advise I could possibly give Angel was, “Tell the truth, give your friend time to be angry,

upset and to feel hurt. If your friend is a “true” friend, in the end she will realize your honesty in this situation and be grateful.” Angel and I chatted a little longer, thanked me for listening and we went our separate ways.

A few days later, Angel messaged me again. She was really upset this time. She had taken my advice, was honest to her friend and now her friend was indeed angry with her. I reassured Angel that her friend’s feelings were normal, and when she is ready to talk she could let you know. The best part of being a “best” friend is that no matter how harsh the truth is to any given situation, nothing big or small can

come between best friends. Angel gave me a hug and thanked me again and we went our separate ways.

Almost a week passed and I had not seen or heard from Angel. Then early one morning there she was, she sent me again another PM. Angel was so happy. Her friend after taking some time to think it through was so thankful to know she had a true honest friend like Angel. Again, Angel thanked me for the advice I’d given her and for the time I’d taken to listen.

For everyone who had taken that same time to listen to me when I needed it was warming to know that someday would need me to do the same in return. Haypi offers such a collection of great individual people! From different countries, walks of life and personal experiences, the one thing I love most about Haypi is that it brings all these things together in one great game! You never know when or who you may affect just by giving a friendly smile or welcoming “Hello”, but through my wonderful experiences with everyone on Haypi, if you are willing to open your heart and mind the possibilities are endless!