How It Begin

by PhotoChick

PhotoChick gives us an insight into
How brilliantly Haypi has affected her Life.

I have been on a few servers now and I have always joined an existing Alliance. I never went for, the top Alliance, or the best one, or the fastest growing one. I would simply chat in Alliance Chat and see which people I got along with. I would not judge any one person by their Haypi Username or simply what they were saying to someone else. Eventually I would find someone who was a Vice Leader or a Leader of the Alliance. After talking to them for a period of time, they would ask me to join their Alliance, and I would accept. I would feel welcomed that they accepted me and would lead to me making instant friends. I would soon come to rely on them, as they would rely on me.

People start lose respect for me
Then, I joined Server 57. It was brand new and fresh, and World Chat was a disaster. I would lurk in WC and chime in to try to keep things under control. I would take Screen Shots to send to Support to show there is a need for experts. While trying to settle people I would be called names and threatened. There was one player who started to call me a mole , although it didn't bug me it made people start lose respect for me. Eventually two players from server 38 came over, who I knew. Then, two members from 57 were promoted to expert . But still, there were people acting out, getting muted, and had no respect for the experts that were promoted.

Then something changed
Then something changed; I started an Alliance. I accepted anyone who: did not have an Alliance, anyone who was new, or anyone in need of someone to talk to. I went back into WC with a new outlook on

the “bad” players. I started to talk to them via private messages, to see why they were acting out and breaking rules. I started to get to know them on a more personal level. Before I knew it they were friends as well. Believe it or not the one, who at the beginning of the server called me a mole, apologized. All of a sudden the players that were breaking chat rules were starting to be good and were following chat rules. I even had people nominating me for expert (a few posts even made me cry)! I did not realize how much I touched the lives of my alliance members and people from WC.

Server 57 is a second home for me
Now, Server 57 is a second home for me. I have people in my alliance that look to me for guidance and answers for their many questions. I have taken guides that I have collected and altered then so that my members would find them super helpful and use them effectively. As often, as I would apologize for my many letters, they would tell me that they were helpful and that they were excited to see them in their mail inbox.

I guess what I am trying to say with this story is, that as fun as this game is, it makes it even more meaningful to know that there are other people playing that rely on me to enhance their game play. I recently had one of my Vice's move up to our Sister Alliance. (For more advanced players) Once he did, he told me that he would not be where he was in the game (or even playing at all) without my help and guidance at his start.

It is such a great feeling!