More Than a Game

by Caliee

We all have our reasons to play Haypi. Some just enjoy the basic concept of the game, others play striving to climb the ranks and best opponents. In the beginning I could be described as both types of player but over time have realized that it's friendship that keeps me active.

Recently my brother passed away who also played haypi and enjoyed it very much. After the announcement of the create new account task I referred him to the game. My account was placed on s27 and he started on 28. We were both disappointed about not being on the same server but he went on to make a name for himself there (with my guidance of corse!).

Family dinners consisted of basic typical smalltalk but quickly developed into battle strategies, best army types, and tales of wars and city stealing. While the rest of the family stared blankly at us, we continued long after the table was cleared.

A server marge was announced which included our servers becoming one. Both of us were very excited about being able to help each other and chat on the same server(instead of interrupting the others game play with texts and phone calls, haha). With him leading a top 5 alliance, named after the alliance I began on s4 and carried over to s27, and me being in the top alliance on my server, I was torn in two different directions.

This was a decision I never had to make.

Shortly before the merge he was involved in an accident which took his life. After spending days back home with my parents, I spent the first night alone at my house. Haypi was always an escape for me, a place to go without leaving home to relax and chat after a long day of work. I wasn't sure if I could log back on, but then I remembered a good friend of his who I had never really spoke with, but knew he talked to her daily. She had a right to know, just as much as his friends in real life.

I got in touch with her on palringo and told her what had happened. As you can imagine she was devastated. We spent quite some time sharing stories of him which made me feel better in a way. The next day I logged on haypi and my mail box was flooded with kind words from people I never met, but knew him well. I have played haypi for a year now, made friends, enemies, and acquaintances alike. I never expected to feel the compassion, respect, and love that I did that day, especially from people on a game. I want to thank every single one of you that knew this player from the bottom of my heart. Friends and foes alike, you are the reason he played and the reason I will continue to play.

No mater the emotion Haypi brings out in you - happiness, joy, excitement, compassion, envy, love, or even anger we all have our reasons to play.