Haypi Has Dreams

Inside Haypi is a driving force to surpass mediocrity and top the gaming market.

The labors of 2011 have reaped Haypi a bountiful harvest. Haypi Thunderball arrived in April, Haypi Fish in August. Soon we will have another surprise for you: Haypi Dragon will hit the stage and it will be the biggest game to date. I am sure it will delight many Haypi fans.

These are the projects we have worked on in the past few months. We have spent hundreds of hours working overtime in order to prepare for the release of these three games. Our standards are much stricter than that of the market, and because of this we contribute 115% of our energy into creating the highest-quality games we can.

Haypi has dreams, and every Haypi staff member is dedicated to making those dreams come true. Inside Haypi is a driving force to surpass mediocrity and top the gaming market. We are ready to overcome any obstacle to achieve perfection. Haypi games are known for their quality achieved through our passion, hard work, and persistence. Every image, every idea, and every numerical value goes through careful and rigorous inspection.

I hope Haypi Dragon will reach its full potential, as I enjoy the game myself and am impressed by my team for their creativity and enthusiasm.

We are determined to make the most entertaining games we can and are always trying to find ways to improve the quality of our games and make them more enjoyable for all our players.

For the millions of Haypi players who wait patiently for our latest news, I want to thank all of you for your constant support, your patience, and your enthusiasm for our games. You are the ones who have helped build our community into what it is, and you mean the world to us.


Best Regards,
Haypi Co., Ltd.