Best advice I can give

by ShdwTchd

My name is Jared. I've been playing Haypi Dragon for around 2 years starting on server 5. I've learned a lot in the time I've been playing about the game and the people I've played with. I love helping people and give detailed answers when others may give an answer but seems inadequate.

Best advice I can give is if you get stuck on a level then back up to the last level you can get 3 stars on and grind the heck out of it for money, experience, and items. Then go back and try to pass your level again. Hopefully by this time you can improve your skills and stones embedded.

Do all tasks before anything else. You'll get your rewards which help progress. Start with reward lvls because every one has silver coins worth 10 sc each and they add up. The wheel tends to give better payout as well for experience and silver.

Don't pass up boss levels just to obtain items or a dragon. If you've reached the boss then do the tasks. Good silver and player experience plus you may get a map piece to laputa.

Make your map to Laputa a priority but don't put it at the top of the list. Achievement reward is 200 gold coins which come in handy and experience and silver can be good on Laputa plus you

need the energy crystals to unlock your 8th embedding slot and to embed the stones themselves.

A lot of people have different theories on getting new dragons. Killing the boss does not get you the dragon. Killing the boss last does not guaranteed you the dragon. Stars have nothing to do with getting a new dragon. Percentages are only approximate not set in stone. The plain fact is that it is all chance and luck. For example some people may get Crystal in 5 times and others may try 100 times before they get Crystal. Be patient and don't ever expect it. Just hope and don't be deterred if it takes time.

And last advice I can give is have fun and be respectful in chat. There is a wide range of ages of people that play so be respectful of others and keep profanity and vulgarity outside of chat. Just like Thumper said in Bambi "If you can't say something nice, then don't say nothing at all." This is not a dating site and we don't want to know if you want to cyber with others. Take it to a dating site. This is a game to have fun playing and talk to others so please treat it as such.

Thank you for the opportunity for this entry

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