Arenwen's Reflection of Haypi

by Caliee

The reason I found this game community originally is because I enjoy the study and re-creation of Medieval ages. Not only do I study the times, but I also re-create things which were done during these times.

Quite often I participate in events where we demonstrate the Middle Ages. Back then, just as there are now within the fortresses of the Haypi Kingdom, there were great falcons hunting, towns with buildings to provide the craftsmanship and goods required, fighters on foot, archers with their swift arrows, cavalry riding their soldiers into battle, and mighty catapults overpowering their enemies. Great Lords and Ladies in our realm, just like theirs long ago, are recognized by their titles and adornments.

I guess you could say that Arenwen is a real life Medieval person! Has she stepped out from the days when Haypi Kingdom was set? Perhaps she is from lands farther away, who could say, but one thing is for certain: Arenwen is a member of this community, starting from server 53, travelling to 114 and now on to 126 where she has enjoyed playing with friends from all over the globe for over the past year and a half ago, so sayeth the great scrolls.

A day does not pass that I do not greet them, know them by name, and enjoy their company all day long while I go about work, chores, or other places that my virtual friends help keep me company! I have created a full set of over a dozen guides just for my team, which I share with others upon request, and this is one way I give back to this awesome team I've played with since I started. You can really get to know your team mates over the years and look forward to seeing them online, playing and sharing goals. In reflection, it has been a really fun experience.

You may find yourself fighting players in brutal battles across the map, but at the end of the day you’re still just two people who play the game and can chat together with other players from all over the world about the day’s events.

I welcome you into my Kingdom any day, where my mighty army shall meet yours upon the battle field and bring glory to the world of Haypi.