Rebels Attack
Post Time:2018-06-14 16:09:48

1.Requirement: Every Lord should own a Lv10 Stronghold and have joined Alliance.

2.Each lord should start Rebels Attack manually during the activity.

3.Regardless of protection status, all the target Cities will be attacked during the activity.

4.Once the activity starts, the garrison armies in Embassy will be repatriated.

5.While your allies are defending the Cities from Rebels, you have only one chance to garrison them and win scores.

6.All the troops losses in this activity will be fully and automatically compensated after activity ends.

7.You can win higher scores by successfully defeating more waves of Rebels.

8.You will be rewarded according to scores and the level of Stronghold.

9.Extra rewards will be given out according to Personal and Alliance rank among all the Servers.

10.You can't obtain any rewards if quitting Alliance during the activity.