Imperial Ambition V1.0.50 Release News
Post Time:2018-06-14 15:56:50
Greetings Lords!

The maintenance has been finished. V1.0.50 is now available!
Have a good time in Imperial Ambition!

Read below to learn more about the latest changes.

● New Features: Equipment Spirits
- In V1.0.50, Equipment is awakened by Spirits. Enjoy the game with new features!
- A piece of Equipment may contain more than one Spirit. Each Spirit is unique. Some of them help you obtain more resources income. Some of them increase your Hero attributes. Some of them elevate Heroes Skills.
- Spirited Equipment boosts the equipment basic attributes. The more Spirits one Equipment contains, the more attributes it boosts.
- The number and the effect of Spirits depend on Equipment quality.
- You can refine Blue or better quality Equipment in Forge to obtain new Spirits!
- The Spirits effect won't be changed via Equipment enhancement and evolvement.

● New Features: Hero Fuse
- You can fuse Purple or better quality Heroes to elevate theirs attributes!
- In each fusion, you should sacrifice two same quality Heroes as materials.
- Each hero has a fusion limit of 5 chances.
- Maester suggests you to make full use of the Evolve function to get enough material heroes for Hero Fuse.

● Optimized Pray system
- Increased the boost effect on battle type pray.
- You can now pray for more buildings in Shrine at the early stage of the game.

● Balanced partial Heroes
We found that Armor and Magic Resist type Heroes unable to maximize their battle power in former game version. It's caused by the imbalanced Heroes skills requirements. Therefore, we optimized and balanced partial Heroes. 
- Rounds requirements +1 for Attack Damage and Ability Power Heroes activating skills. 
- CD duration rounds +1 for Attack Damage and Ability Power Heroes activating skills. 
- Increased the skills Damage of Attack Damage and Ability Power Heroes. Their integral battle power remains unchanged.
- Optimized the skills for Armor and Magic Resist Heroes. Armor and Magic Resist type Heroes will become more important now.

● A better gaming experience for new comers
- Reduced the resources requirements for building and tech upgrade before having Lv.8 Stronghold.
- Optimized the quests rewards before having Lv.8 Stronghold.
- Added more quests for guiding new comers.
- Greatly increased the capacity of Lv.1-8 Cellar.

● Others
- New looks for Lv.15+ Rebels (Common) and Rebels (Elite).
- Increased the success rate of equipment enhancement.
- Reduced the time cost for rally attack.
- New Prestige Magic: Time Control, Crystal Arcane, Powder Arcane.
- Reduced the time cost on raiding Rebels (Common) by half, and the resources income is reduced as well. But the cost performance on raiding Common has been increased.
- You've got 4 chances now to siege Diamond Fairy daily. The donation points rewards are reduced by half, but the diamond income remains the same.
- Improved gaming experience.
- Bugs fixed.

Team of Imperial Ambition
April. 3rd, 2018