Imperial Ambition V1.0.21 Release News
Post Time:2018-06-14 15:19:32
Greetings Lords!

The maintenance has been finished. V1.0.21 is now available!
Have a good time in Imperial Ambition!

Read below to learn more about the latest changes.

● Siege Drake
- No one knows when Dragons appear on this Magic Land again, but it’s just okay as they are only certain Drakes. You Lords shall pull together to make a Siege. 

● Alliance Gift
- All the members will have access to Alliance Gift when taking part in Alliance activities, Siege Drakes, or Siege Diamond Fairy.

● Time Well
- Entrance to Time Well is not so common. Attack Time Well, and you will obtain abundant precious Speed-Ups!

● Magic Architecture
- “Magic Architecture” is a public technology, led by a neutral organization. All the Stronghold Upgrade on Magic Land depends on it.

● Upload Avatar
- Lords are able to upload personalized avatars!

● Diamond Reward
- Improved Diamond Rewards in Quests Rewards, Rewards Center and various activities.

● Shop Price
- Items prices are generally raised for the reason that it gets much easier to obtain Diamond in game.
- If you would like to purchase Items in Shop with Diamond, please do keep in mind to complete before the update.

● Hero Summon
- Diamond Summon is Unavailable. You can only obtain Orange Hero by Purple Rune Stone Summon. It’s very expensive, although you may purchase Purple Rune Stone with Diamond. 
- If you prefer to Diamond Summon, Please do remember to complete Summon before the update. 
- You have access to Purple Rune Stone Summon once per day for free. 

● Cellar
- Resources obtained from Using Items are directly stored in Cellar.
- Resources in Cellar no longer need to be extracted. When Storehouse is in shortage of resources, those in Cellar are automatically used. 

● Issue Optimizations
- “Refine Special Effect” is Unavailable now. Our team will do the optimizations and adjustments on its gameplay in the later version. 
- Difficulty of Elite Rebels has been slightly increased, making it better match with what “Elite” means.
- To attack Lv.18+ Elite Rebels, Base Rebels, Armory or Time Well, and you can obtain Eternity Crystal and Magic Crystal, used for Lv.20+ Building, or Tech Upgrade. 
- Optimized Value of Blessing, which weakens power of Lv.1 Blessing, and at the same time enhance the growth of each upgrade. 
- More obviously weakened attack power when Hero leads few troops. 

Team of Imperial Ambition
Jan. 3rd, 2018