Imperial Ambition - A Magic World Is About To Break!
2018-06-14 14:57:18

Flames rage where ceaseless warfare breaks out; fame and fortune go with the wind overnight. Undead phoenix and soaring dragon shall spread your saga; never fear even though the whole world is against you.

Imperial Ambition is a type of all-free sandbox strategy game, which combines classic war strategy features with rich RPG gameplay, aiming to explore the ultimate meaning of occupation gameplay! This game pioneers Kingdom War, and allows all the players to strive and conquer for hegemony in the world map. Here break out large legions cooperation fights, and appear the most popular warfare scenes, where thousands of warriors struggle hard day and night. You are here to deploy forces, gallop across the battlefield, and map out battle strategies. Imperial Ambition is just designed to give a full play to strategy game!

Hundreds of years have passed since the warfare with Dark Dragon broke out. The black hand resurges again. Chaos goes on this ancient Magic land and five major races are falling apart.

Everything is magic; everything is real! Have you well prepared for the upcoming wars? Come on! In the name of exploration and fight to expand territory, build Halo, repel rebels, and collect equipment. Whos gonna organize the invincible army, and invite like-minded allies to be the final King? Never lose an opportunity of playing this game if you prefer RPG+SLG!

Diverse PVE gameplay is to broaden your outlook!

Dont hesitate to join us even if you are a peace-loving player. Wont you feel cheerful and excited when you raid Base of Rebels, attack Elite Rebels, explore Ancient Relic, plunder Armory, defeat invaders, and siege Diamond Fairy? Different from traditional pay-to-play online games, Imperial Ambition provides common players with much broader space: As a common player, you are able to get ALL the resources as well as items in this game for FREE. Besides, by exploring the world map to the fullest, you have access to the BEST equipment, which is UNAVAILABLE even for a Fee. Whats more, both Hero and Equipment can be evolved so as to make up a unique elite force.

Brand-new territory occupation gameplay shows you uniqueness!

Newly added Prestige makes occupation much more important and meaningful. Territory occupation helps values grow, and also brings in Prestige, whose magic plays a crucial role in production, development as well as fight. Dont you think its an exclusive benefit for resource enthusiast? Besides the self-sufficiency on your territory, you can also build Halo, extra increasing resources income and enhancing Prestige effects. For the sake of rapid growth, youd better survey resources distribution in advance, and work out proper layout to take a full advantage of Halo. You can also complete Camp building instantly with the help of magic on allies territory, which is different from traditional SLG. In this way, you are able to support your allies or complete raid immediately.

Classic war strategy features are reaching their full potential!

In Kingdom War, Capital is located in the center of ancient battlefield, in the middle of the world map. In order to finally reach Capital, all the Alliances have to occupy the tiles, paving the road to the hegemony. In the ancient battlefield, there are mysterious Totem and Tower, vital to reach Capital, making war strategies in Kingdom War changeable. How to map out strategies, win victory and whos gonna seize the throne, just remain to be seen!

Enjoy Imperial Ambition, Now! To experience the warfare with warlords! To develop Alliance with your allies! To establish your kingship! We are right here WAITING for YOU!!!