[Haypi Monster3] Monster Optimizations in v2.0.5
Post Time:2018-08-03 13:23:04
Greetings trainers!

We've adjusted the gameplay of partial monsters in Ver2.0.5. Come and see what's new for you!

● Cultivation Charts
Kreepie (Awaken->) Spookie (Awaken->) Meniss (Mutate->) Danshee

● Mutation Material
We’ll keep the method of getting mutation material of Meniss as a secret currently. Use your loaf!

● Monster Introduction
Meniss’s body is possessed by countless ghosts.
While suffering melee attack, Possessed, the talent of Meniss, will Confuse the opponents.
Meniss can also Confuse the opponents by using skill, Possess.

● Adjustment Reason
The original design idea of Meniss is very alike Bloom, a battle control and HP restore style monster. All our testers know Meniss was very powerful in the beta test version. Our team fixed the Confuse Debuff that ignores Resistance Reduction in official version which weakens the power of Meniss in the following 3 aspects.
- The HP restoration is not very effective.
- Meniss might Confuse the same opponent that already in confusion status in combat due to the random sequence of actions and the randomly activation of Possess.
- Meniss only has one attack skill that requires 2PP that prevents it attacking opponents every round.

According to these problems we do the optimizations.
- Increased the HP restoration effect.
- The HP restoration will be activated while Confusing the same opponent again.
- Increased its attack ability after mutated.

● Talents Adjustment
“Ghost Return” links together with original talent:Ghost Swarm of Meniss now.
Possessed ghost will go back to Meniss and restore HP during attacks. The Confusion Debuff on opponents will be dispelled.
The restoration amount is according to Meniss’s maximum HP.

● New talent –”Ghost Swarm”
When Possess (Talent) and Posssessed (Talent) is Confusing opponents, Ghost Return(Talent) will be activated and restore my HP.The restoration amount is according to Meniss’s maximum HP.

● “Surround”: Ghosts will reduce opponents’ MDEF Stage.
While activating Possess (Talent) and Posssessed (Talent), there's a chance of granting Meniss’s opponent MDEF Stage -1. This effect can be stacked by activating talents again and it won't end until the clearance of Confusion debuff.


● Cultivation Charts
Flicker (Awaken->) Searbiscuit (Awaken->) Ignightmare

● Monster Introduction
Ignightmare is the monster appeared in dreams, a painful nightmare. The opponents will be suffered and they’re unable to wake up. And Ignightmare can control the dreams and become much stronger in dreams.

● Adjustment Reason
The core design of Ignightmare is the talent “Dream Eater”. Make opponents losing HP while they’re sleeping and restore Ignightmare’s HP. Trainers all love this talent because it won’t clear the Sleeping Debuff while activating.

Due to the 2V2 combat mode in Haypi Monster 3, the “Sleeping” status is not very effective, and because of the core talents of Ignightmare is fully depend on the “Sleeping” status, many trainers regard Ignightmare as the weakest legendary monster in former versions. We adjust and optimize talents and skills to give back Ignightmare its great fame.

● Skills Adjustment
“Hypnosis” is the No.2 skill now.
New No.3 skill, the “Fire Blast”. When this skill hit, it has a chance to reduce the opponent’ Sleeping Resistance.

● Talents Adjustment
- Dream Eater
When opponents are Sleeping, Ignightmare can steal its HP. (Opponents will lose HP but they’re unable to wake up.)
- Phantom Dream
Ignightmare has a chance to hypnotizing a non-Sleeping opponent after using skills.
- Dream Walk
When a monster attacks Sleeping opponents, the Sleeping Status will be transferred to the attacker. Ignightmare is able to use skills while sleeping.

● Cultivation Charts
Joey (Awaken->) Powch (Mutate->) Neil

● Mutation Material: Gold Belt
Through hard work training and challenging races, Powch finally won the Gold Belt.

● New Talents: “Fighting Spirit”
As the champion of kangaroo fighters, Neil is extremely powerful when in Agility Status. It has a chance of counterattacking with Quartic (1 PP required) when suffering small attack damage; a chance of counterattacking with Haymaker (1 PP required) when dodging the attack. Agility won't be dispelled by these counterattacks.

● Talents Adjustment
- “Sacred Fire” is the No.3 talent now.
- “Affinity Flame” is the No.1 talent now.
- New Talent, the “Flame Master”
Increase the chance of activating Flame Heart.

● New Passive skill, the “Icy Heart”
Icy Heart grants SnowaryBleeding Resistance +300. And it cause a 15% HP restoration in Blizzard Weather and cause a 15% HP lost in Scorching Sun Weather at the end of a round.

● Fixed a bug that prevents the talent, “Bending Blade”, from working properly.
When causing attack, “Bending Blade” has a chance of preventing target's talent to be activated and making target to Bleed.

● Fixed the bug of activating talent, “Devilry”, when Katch’s opponent is not in Bleeding Status.

● Fixed a bug that prevents talent, “M-Deprive”, from dispelling Magic Shield.

● Fixed a bug that prevents Draconius from using skill, “Flame Coat”, in auto combat mode.

● Fixed a bug that prevents talent, “Phosphor”, from working properly.

Status Adjustment
- Fixed the bug that leads partial Status from ignoring Resistance in combat.
- New Spook Status: Decrease the impact on reducing skill power of Spooked opponents from 50% to 25%. Decrease the dispelling chance of Spook Status at the beginning of a move from 50% to 25%.

Other Adjustment
Fixed a bug of partial Counterattack Talents that allow monsters activate Counterattack Move while in Frozen and Paralysis Status.