How Can I Collect More Monsters?
发布时间:2014-04-09 15:10:01

How Can I Collect More Monsters?

You will find over a hundred monsters spread throughout the land. You can capture them with normal Seal Cards. Monsters of high rarity have a low seal rating. Lowering a monster's health increases the likelihood of a successful capture.

Monsters evolve automatically when they meet the level requirements. Some monsters need a catalyst to trigger an evolution. You can check the evolution requirements of a monster on the left page of its Encyclopedia entry. If you want to reach the required evolution level quickly, you can train them at the Training center.

You can combine several monsters into one through Synthesis. To use Synthesis, you must first get the synthesis scroll of the monster you want to create. You can find scrolls as task rewards or from completing certain challenges.

You can tame monsters by raising your bond with them constantly. Once your bond is maxed, the monster will finally be tamed. Taming is only accessible on the Lost Tower's higher floors.