《the lost tower》Tasks
发布时间:2014-04-09 15:03:55

You will encounter three kinds of tasks in this game. They are main tasks, branch tasks, and daily tasks. Complete them to get awesome rewards and make your gameplay experience more enjoyable.

Main Task

Main Tasks guide you through the game. Follow them to explore the monster world.
Main Tasks generally reward you with player EXP, money, coins, and items.

Branch Task
You receive extra rewards from completing Branch Tasks. Though they take a while to finish, they are rewarding in the long run.
Branch Tasks generally reward money and items, though certain Branch Tasks reward monsters or coins.

Daily Task
Daily Tasks give you awesome rewards, but there is a limit to how many you can do in a day. If you can complete all the daily tasks every day, you're amazing at this game!

Daily Tasks generally reward player EXP, money, coins, and items.

Task Assignments

After you complete a task, a new one will be assigned to you automatically.

Completing a Task

When you complete a task, a task completion window will pop up automatically. You can tap Collect to receive your rewards. Certain tasks, however, must be turned in manually through the Task page.