《the lost tower》My Info
发布时间:2014-04-09 14:56:02

This page has the following information:

1. Name: Your username.
2. Portrait: Individual portrait (this feature is currently unavailable). Tap on it to change your name.
3. Player Level: The higher level you are, the more experience your monsters receive from their training.
4. EXP Bar: Shows your current EXP (experience) and the EXP you need to level.
5. Avatar: The image of your character.
6. Seal Cards: Number of Seal Cards.
7. Prestige: Amount of prestige.
8. Honor: Amount of honor.
9. Money: Amount of money.
10. Coin: Amount of coins.
11. Total Collected: The number of monsters you have collected.
12. Master Points: Amount of your master points.
13. Server Number: Current server number.
14. Game-play Progress: Number of single player PVE levels passed.
15. Change Password: Players can modify their own password here.
16. Link: Players can link to their Game Center account here.