《the lost tower》Home Features
发布时间:2014-04-09 14:45:25

The ten features include the Lost Tower, News, Synthesis, Enhance Tree, Bag, Shop, Training ground, PVP, Magic Shop, and Activity. To use some of these features, you must first meet their level requirements.

1. News: You can read our official news.
2. Training: Train your monsters to make them more powerful.
3. Synthesis: Synthesize several monsters together to create a new monster.
4. Enhance Tree: Enhance the stats of monsters by absorbing other monsters.
5. Bag: Where your items are stored.
6. Shop: Has lots of goodies that you can purchase for a small fee.
7. The Lost Tower: You will encounter a variety of challenges on your adventure. Are you ready?
8. Enter: Tap "Enter" to start your monster-catching adventure. As you travel further into the game, access to higher floors on the Lost Tower become available.
9. PVP: Fight other players. Let's see who has mastered the game!
10. Magic Shop: You can buy skill books and scrolls with disenchanted essence. Certain skill books will be on sale daily!
11. Activity: The activities are fun and the rewards are enticing. What are you waiting for?
12. Chat: Tap the speech bubble to go to your server chatroom.
13. Reward Center: Check the Reward Center frequently to see what sort of rewards you can get.
14. My Info: Covers your progress in the game.
15. Encyclopedia: View the list of available monsters.
16. Task: Check what tasks you need to complete and which rewards they can give you.
17. Menu: Access your Friends List, Ranking, Mailbox, etc.
18. Monsters: View your current monsters and select which of them you would like to fight with.
19. PlayerInfo: Your name, energy bar, VIP level as well as the money and coins you have. Tap on the "+" to reach the coin purchase page.