《the lost tower》Scenes and Levels
发布时间:2014-04-09 14:23:16
Enter the Lost Tower to see the map. Select a scene and level to start your journey.


Enter a scene and chose the level to start your challenge.

Level Page:

1. Level Select: Select a level to challenge.
2. Battle: Enter a level
3. Process: Each mode you complete grants you one star.
4.Recommendation: Some monster types have advantages over others. This is the recommended monster type for the challenge.
5. Obtainable Monsters: Monsters you can capture on this level.
6. Energy Consumption: Amount of energy consumed when challenging this level.
7. Energy Bar: Shows your current amount of energy.

On each level, you will hop down a set of squares by throwing dice. On the way to your destination, you will encounter enemies, buffs, debuffs, and more. At the end of each level you will encounter a boss. Defeat the boss to complete the level.

1. Avatar: Your avatar.
2. Square: When you land on a square, the corresponding event will activate.
3. Monsters: Your combat monsters.
4. Dice: The number of moves will be selected at random.
5. Loaded Dice: You determine the number of steps you take.
6. First-Aid Kit: Revive your monsters.
7. Chat: Go to Chat.
8. Weather: The current weather conditions.
9. Quit: Exit the challenge and return to the Level page.

Battle Type

Single Player Mode: Single player mode follows the storyline in the tasks. Players need to complete single player mode in order to access the features deep inside the game.

❤Team mode: Team up with other players to challenge bosses.

On each scene, you can choose among Normal Mode, Veteran Mode, and Expert Mode. The more difficult modes will reward better prizes upon completion.

❤Normal Mode: Easiest to access.

Veteran Mode: Unlocks after you climb up to the 2nd floor of the Lost Tower.

❤Expert Mode: Unlocks after you climb up to the 3rd floor of the Lost Tower.

How to Unlock

New scenes unlock automatically after you complete the previous scene. Some scenes will unlock when a certain number of monster pictures become available in the Encyclopedia.

How to Pass a Level/Scene

❤Pass a level: When you reach the end of a level, you will encounter the final boss. Defeat the boss to complete the level.

❤If you fail to complete a level, you can either use a Resurrection Card to continue where you left off or start all over again.

❤Pass a scene: You need to complete all the levels in a scene to complete it.


❤Energy Cost: You lose a bit of energy after passing a level. If you quit a level halfway, you won't lose your energy. Different levels take up different amounts of energy.

❤Energy Refill: You get 1 point of energy back every 5 minutes. Once your energy is completely restored, you won’t get any more. If you want to get your energy back immediately, you can spend coins to refill your energy bar. If you spend coins, your energy can even exceed the maximum amount.

Level Details

Each level contains a series of squares. When you land on a square, the corresponding event will activate.

❤Normal Combat: You will encounter opponents. Defeat them to continue.

❤Mini-Boss: You meet stronger opponents here. These squares can't be passed over.

❤Boss: You meet the final boss here. Defeat it to finish this level.

❤Recovery: Your defeated monsters will be revived.Decline: Your monster will lose some HP or gain a debuff.

❤Portal: You are teleported to another square, moving either forward or backward in the challenge. It all depends on your luck!

❤Pop-Up Shop: Enter the shop to purchase items. You can get a good deal here. 

❤Chest: Open your chest to get goodies. 

❤Buff/Debuff: Gives you a buff or debuff.


After passing a level, you get experience, money and a spin of the prize wheel.


Spin the prize wheel after passing a level. If you don't like your reward, you can always spin again by selecting "Respin" to get something different. During a respin, every item you have already landed on will be removed from the wheel. This is to increase the chance of getting what you want.