《the lost tower》Introduction
发布时间:2014-04-09 15:52:58

Haypi Monster: The Lost Tower is a cartoon style EDU game.

Almost 200 different monsters are here, waiting for you to collect! Feed, breed and train them with your heart and love, form your dream team to challenge the mysterious lost tower!
Now, you can gift monsters to other players. Gather them all together to face the evilest bosses and the toughest levels. Meanwhile, bring your strongest monster team to do PVP with your friends, see who can reach the top of the Lost Tower!

★★★ The most authentic and exciting monster game out there! 
★★★ Balanced and well designed battle system! 
★★★ Hundreds of monsters to collect! 
★★★ Various levels to conquer! 
★★★ Newly designed server framework. One wild server world! Let's all hang out together! 

★★★ Supports iOS7 and the newest Apple devices!