Brief Introduction of The Lost Tower
发布时间:2014-04-14 14:09:56

Brief Introduction of The Lost Tower

Hey guys, anybody still playing those card game, board game or tower defense games? Try Haypi’s new release - Haypi Monster: The Lost Tower (The Lost Tower for short).  
The company has a philosophy saying, “Quality Makes Gameplay Bloom”. I’ve also noticed that the Haypi games are always consisting of diversified player interactions, top-tier graphics, intriguing stories, and interesting gameplay designs, not to mention their and customer service. The trend of their popular Pokemon genre game - Haypi Monster hasn’t died down and nowthey have introduced The Lost Tower. 

Being a brother game of Haypi Monster, The Lost Tower has kept the essence of its brother and developed the genre even further into its own style with optimized gameplay, more monsters, fiercer fights, better interactions and cooler skills. The team confirms that they are working on an update at the moment and will bring in new monsters, new scenes, new skills, and new mystery talents in the near future. The Lost Tower supports cross-server features, which makes the game experience even more user-friendly and exciting. The journey in The Lost Tower begins after a call from the trainer committee. Monster trainers then start to explore into The Lost Tower seeking the hidden secret of the monster world. 
If anybody is tired of downloading the same type of games from the App Store? Then you should consider Haypi products, up until now I’ve really enjoyed their games. 

Haypi Monster: The Lost Tower hit the Apple App Store on October 28th, 2013. The team has prepared a ton of activities to go with the first launch of this new application. Among which, the luckiest players who have downloaded and registered the game can win an iPhone 5s. For a Pokemon genre mobile game, Haypi’s kind of generous by offering fans with new iPhones, don’t you agree?