《Haypimonster:The Lost Tower》Introduction
发布时间:2014-04-14 13:49:20

Haypi Monsters: The Lost Tower is an EDU game for mobile users. It is developed by Haypi Co. Ltd,  one of the leading Mobile Game Companies. It is a derivative and development of Haypi Monster, which happens to be a top 10 game in this genre on the App Store. In the Lost Tower, the designers not only kept the key concept of Haypi Monster, but also expanded it with many changes and innovations.  Also, the developer team has done their best to increase the interaction between players as well as improve the gameplay experience of the so-called monster trainers.

Game Graphics

To be consistent with Haypi Monster, the artists continue the cartoon styled graphics in the Lost Tower. Each and every monster has their own unique individual characteristics differentiating from gentle to fierce, from cute to powerful, etc. Even more so, every skill and/or mystery talent used during battles has their own distinct effects.


There are a total of eight PVE scenes containing 5 ~ 15 levels per scene, completed in sequence. As players are climbing up each of the floors, the difficulties increase correspondingly and the rewards received better. A lot of thought has gone into the game, so that the challenge difficulty is suitable for players of all levels and experience. 


Searching and collecting monsters are the essentials of this game. Players will be continuously encountering new monsters throughout their adventure. Meeting different requirements will allow players to collect a variety of monsters and the information of each collected monster will then be placed into the Encyclopedia. In the world of the Lost Tower, there are nearly 200 monsters consisting of 9 different elements. The team also confirms that there will be more monsters added to the future version of Haypi Monster: The Lost Tower over time which will help satisfy the needs of some collectors.

Train & Enhance System 

It is not enough to just collect monsters, but you need to work on leveling and trying to maximize the strength of your monsters to their highest potential. The Lost Tower doesn’t just let you level up your monsters through gaining experience in battle, but you can also train then on the “Training Grounds”.  Monsters will not only gain skills from leveling up, but also learn different skills through skill books and obtain talents by researching with rune gems. Players can always use scrolls to synthesize new and rarer monsters. On top of that, players are able to use one monster to absorb other monsters and make it stronger. Through enough stat boost, there are monsters that can become higher-graded with enhanced strength.

Battle System 

Battling is the most commendable part of the game; they start off easy and gradually get difficult as you progress. Getting a good understanding of each monsters’ abilities and restrictions is just the beginning, but once a player becomes flexible and familiar with the use of 500 different skills and talents can be considered a master in the game. Each level has 3 difficulties to choose from and the gameplay includes auto-fighting, hosting features, etc. Whether you are a beginner or a master in the game, it’s easy to find your own way to play.

Powerful Interactivity

Lack of interactivity has always been a weakness in mobile games. However, The Lost Tower has created a way that greatly increases the interactions among the players. When it comes to the system design, The Lost Tower has many ways for players to increase their interactions with others in things such as team mode, PvP, Pals, and the Fortune Race activity. The revolutionary single server mode puts players from around the globe into a single server and prevents the appearance of a “dead server”. Players will no longer have to worry about a lack of team mates while joining the team mode or while challenging strong opponents in the PvP area. The most exciting feature is the design of the Climb system. Only the most powerful players can climb to the top floor of The Lost Tower. So, are you ready for the challenge?