I started playing HK as "Soogat" on s40 (merged into 110>124). I met my new husband "Calgary69" while streaking through world chat one night in celebration of leveling up to 14.

I guess that caught his attention and we started chatting occasionally, usually to congratulate each other on major hits or leveling up. He asked me to join his alliance Apocalypse and I refused for a long time, I even went so far as to join another alliance for a while. When that alliance died I finally caved and joined him in Apocalypse. By that time we were chatting regularly in PM and we already knew we wanted to meet in person. We held out on making anything public until it actually happened.

He came to visit me on the east coast USA from west coast Canada in August of 2011. He came back with an engagement ring in October 2011. Finally, as of April 3, 2012 we are officially married and still kicking ass.


I wanted HK to be a part of our wedding because it is the only reason we met each other in the first place. I surprised him by having a HK necklace made to wear with my wedding dress. Don't lie, you wish you had something as awesome as this (I know my face isn't showing but you can see the necklace above in the top picture):

It was a wonderful wedding... We were married in Greece and we managed to take a day off from hunting the map and wreaking havoc in World Chat to say I do.

I was lucky enough to meet my Haypi Queen to complete my Haypi Kingdom.