《Haypi Pirates》Explore
发布时间:2014-04-15 13:45:01



After completing the quest “Stab the Backstabber,” you will be able to explore. Tap on Closed Waters or on the Helping Parrot to enter the Exploration page.

When exploring, you have two random sites to choose from. Each site has its own star rating and set of rewards. The higher star rating, the better rewards. Your officer will receive EXP for exploring and, if lucky, may even gain double EXP. You can also receive material boxes and research fragments, along with plenty of gold.

You can only send officers that are off-duty to explore. If an officer is exploring, he or she cannot fight. You can cancel an exploration at any time, but will not receive any rewards from doing so.

Once exploration is over, you will receive rewards. VIP players can shorten exploration time by an amount that corresponds with their VIP level.