《Haypi Pirates》Treasure Hunts
发布时间:2014-04-15 13:39:23

Treasure Hunts


The priceless treasures of Treasure Island await discovery. The island only emerges from the sea when the tide is low.

After completing the quest “Ahoy, Casper!” you will have access to Treasure Island.

Tap on Closed Waters or on the Helping Parrot to enter Treasure Island. You can also check the Treasure Island schedule under Helping Parrot.


You can hunt many priceless treasures, including rare items, a great amount of rubies, and even powerful officers!

Treasure Hunt Rules

You get a free treasure hunt every time treasure island opens. Each additional treasure hunt costs gold. If you find treasure, you must transport it home. Different treasures have different transport times. 
During the transport, your treasure may be found by others. You must move your treasure to make sure it is safe. The more times you move, the more rubies it will cost.

If you are lucky, you can find a hidden path where your treasures can arrive safely.