《Haypi Pirates》Interface
发布时间:2014-04-15 13:28:01


Bottom Menu

Icon Description
Bag: Tap to use or sell items and expand bag space.
Officer List: Tap to see info about your officers. Equip, forge, and upgrade their armor/weapons here.
Market: Gives access to the Market. Also gives access to the Black Market once in a while.
Infamy Level: View your current infamy level and available rewards.
Guild:View guild info.
Tourney: Tap to enter the Pirate Tourney and fight other pirates.
Treasure Map: Check the progress of each milestone to get rewards.
Menu: Gives access to ruby purchases, VIP status, settings, announcements, help, and more.

Side Menu

Icon Description
Quest: View all Quests here.
War Horn: Check your battle logs and hate list.
Leaderboards: See how you match up against other players.
Mail: Receive system letters and correspond with fellow players.
Chat: Chat with fellow players.
Buffs: View recently used buffs.
Helping Parrot: This guy will remind you of activities and the activity schedule.
Rewards Center: Collect online rewards, tourney rewards, and guild stipends.
Activity Center: Lists information on the current available activities.