《Haypi Pirates》Home Base
发布时间:2014-04-15 13:25:45

  Home Base

  Your Home Base contains many buildings. Each building has its own function. If you want to excel at the game, you must manage your buildings wisely.

  Tap your Home Base building to check your infamy level, guild, and guild position. You can also manage the upgrading time of all buildings.

  Building Cooldowns

  All buildings share one cooldown, or CD slot. Once a cooldown duration reaches 4 hours, the buildings can no longer be upgraded.

  Once a cooldown exceeds 4 hours, the building cannot be upgraded even after the cooldown drops below the 4-hour mark. Upgrades can only continue after the cooldown is fully cleared.

  Building Upgrade Slots

  You are given one upgrade slot when you start the game and can have up to three slots in total. You can unlock a slot with rubies. Players with VIP 7 or above can also unlock a slot.


  Speed-Ups can reduce cooldowns. You can perform a Speed-Up two ways:

  a. By spending rubies on a Speed-Up.

  b. By using a Speed-Up item.