《Haypi Pirates》Newbie Guide
发布时间:2014-04-16 10:37:13
Name: NinjaWaflz
Server: 1

Newbie Guide

Hey guys! I decided to make a guide for all new and potential players. The guide below is basically a list of Do's and Don'ts. If I had the knowledge about the game that I have now when I first started, I would've done things much differently. I hope that you new players that see this will use this guide and use it to its full potential! Some of you may not abide by this list, and that's okay! Everyone has their own opinions and preferences, but my experience from playing this game from the first week of its release has helped me to compile this guide! I hope this helps you!

1.) Become a VIP player and buy rubies! I cannot stress this enough. You don't have to buy hundreds of dollars worth of rubies, but just enough to get you started. I recommend spending at least $20 dollars for a couple reasons. The first being that it'll help you level up your your officers in training faster and better. The second is for the VIP rewards. These rewards will provide you enough gold and equipment to get your pirate journey started!

2.) Train MARY, ONE-EYE and CAMERON primarily when you get them. They will be your biggest help both now and later in the game. Mary will provide the most firepower and destroy your enemies, Cameron will absorb hit after hit from your enemies officers, and One-Eye will primarily be used for his special attack.(Banish- makes your opponent transparent. They are disabled. They cannon hit or be hit) You obviously will need to train your officers some, but don't put too much time/money into them.

3.) Upgrade and forge new equipment. This is what primarily makes your officers strong. The higher the equipment level, the stronger your officers will be. Also, forge new equipment whenever possible. Like stated before, the better your equipment is, the better your officers stats will be. 

4.) Upgrade your buildings. Primarily TRAINING, GOLD, and CROP. Each time you upgrade your training station, the amount of experience you get wil increase by 12.5%. Also, the more you upgrade your crop and gold buildings, the more the output you'll get. You'll use the crops to recruit more deckhands and you'll use the gold for numerous other options. I recommend using it to ugrading equipment.

5.) Occupy either a gold, crop, or material island in open waters. These will provide you with a substantial amount of gold and crops, as well as materials that you would have to spend rum to try and get from nomal levels. (WARNING: Make sure your officers are strong. If your production islands get attacked and you lose, you will lose the contents of your island that were accumulating.)

6.) Join a guild! The players in your guild will be able to answer any other questions that you may have. These players will help you to progress along your journey and also become your friends! In my guild, (Carribbean) I feel like we're all one big family! It helps you to bond with other players and make new friends. Along with that, you will also be able to receive guildie gifts and other perks that go along with members of guilds.

7.) If you're stuck on a level, use a buff item! (war horn, posiedons wrath, pirates fury, reinforcements) These temporarily raise the stats of your officers and makes them stronger to get past those tough levels! If you don't have any, I recommend you buy one. (But only if you're stuck on a tough level).

8.) Buy and collect your 60 free rum every 6 hours. Rum can only be collected twice a day, but it really helps you to farm levels that provide materials you need. (Farm- play levels over and over for a purpose). Playing levels over and over will help to level up your officers, give you coins, materials, and level 1 equipment. Also, try to buy rum once a day. You'll be surprised on how much this helps!


1.) Don't spend too much gold/rubies on the treasure hunt. Treasure hunt is a tricky activity that you can get caught up in. It can be really profitable but it can also really drain your gold and ruby supply drastically. I typically don't spend rubies on treasure that I find unless the treasure is a pile of rubies. Also a word of warning: If you are low in rubies, don't move your treasure! Trust me, you'll need your rubies for better and more productive means. 

2.) Don't attack players whose player levels are higher than yours in open waters. About 9/10 times, you'll lose. When you lose, you'll lose deck hands and prestige. Prestige is especially essential to stay in or move up to the next level of open waters. If you're a player with one of the top scores in weekly prestige, you'll be given the option to move up in waters.

3.) Don't move up in waters too hastily. If you do, you run the risk of being attacked by players whose levels are much higher than yours. My recommendation would be to wait until your player level increases and your officers get stronger before you move up. I've learned first hand the consequences of moving up too quickly... They're not good! If anything, take my advice on this one!

Well, that's about all you newbies need to know when you're first starting out! I really wish I has this guide to use when I was just starting out... It really would've helped me a lot. Kingdom of Pirates is an amazing game! It has everything you want in a good game! Endless fun and great adventures! It has helped me to make so many new friends and to reunite me with my friends from other games! I feel like my guild is my second family! I love this game and I don't know what I would do without it! Thank you for creating Kingdom of Pirates :)