Beginner Guide - How to get Gold?
发布时间:2014-04-16 10:34:19
Beginner Guide - How to get Gold? 
By Drizzt, Server 2

I guess by now everyone is aware of how important gold is.
We need gold to build up our Equipments' level, Buildings' level and even for the odd training sessions to train up our Officers' Training levels. To be honest, there's no sure fire way here to get rich but with hard work and a bit of pirate luck, everyone will be rich enough to progress in the game. ;)
1. Collection from Closed Waters' production islands
This is where the "hard work" come in. It is important to collect from your production islands regularly be it gold, food or materials because the islands will not begin to reproduce new income. 

2. Collection from Home Base's Gold mine. 
I personally find it important to ensure that my Home Base's gold mine level is maxed out. Same deal with the Closed Waters' productions islands, I collect from my gold mine and farm on a regular basis. 

3. Collection from Open Waters' production islands
If you are strong enough, occupy the highest level gold production island you can find on your map. Every 12-13 hours, it's easily 20-30k plus gold for the taking. 

4. Fighting in Open Waters. 
For Pete's sake, we are god damned pirates! So start acting like one and attack every base you can come across that is not in war refuse and most importantly have a good record of giving you 10k gold each time. /wink. 

5. Treasure Ships in Closed Water.
Take note of the Ships' appearance and plunder every Treasure ships that appear! 

6. Trading Ships in Closed Water / Trading Centre
Trading with Trading ships can be real profitable if u are lucky and of course you must level up your trading centre constantly to be able to trade more. The trading ship prices (based on my encounters thus far) ranged from 0.20 to 1.74 whereas our Home Base's trading centre's prices are more conservative (ranged from 0.80 to 1.20). The only difference is that you can buy unlimited food from the trading centre but can sell up to a fixed limit depending on your trading centre's level whereas for trading ships, there's a limit (trading centre's limit) be it selling or buying.

The trick here is to buy low and sell high but take care not to buy too much food from the trading centre and end up with too much food but not enough gold because the trading ship will only accept 10k food out of the 100k you brought. Lolz.

8. Fighting in Closed Waters
Be it whether you are stuck at a difficult stage or you want to farm a specific material or gear, farming is also a very good way to get gold especially from Boss levels (red circle border). My personal favourite is William Kidd. 

Do use up your rum spamming on a boss level (choose any boss level which u cleared 3 stars so u can spam skip and again till your rum runs out) if you going to sleep or be away from the game for hours. This way it ensure that you utilised all your rum to it's best value and you can log off with the gold and items earned, knowing that the game is refilling your rum slowly for your return. 

Oh ya, do not forget to log in and grab your free rum too. 60 rum = 10 fights which can easily give you 10k gold if u are spamming William Kidd. 

9.Treasure Hunt
Treasure hunt is exactly like it's name! Treasure!
If you are lucky and hit the gold jackpot 240k gold, 310k gold, start praying. If you are lucky, you may only need to move your treasure 2-3 times. Do note though, you need to have the rubies to move your treasure till it reaches you. Is the Sea god watching over your ship? Ye find out soon enough!

10. Exploration
When you come across Evans, you will unlocked a feature to explore whereby you can send an off duty officer out to explore areas for fragments, materials and gold. Such explorations normally takes 4, 8 or 12 hours and depending on the number of stars, the rewards are quite substantial. 

11. Referral
The referral program in the game offers a attractive gold payout as well so invite your friends to play this game and name you as their referral or once at level 30, you can make a new account and name your main account as the referral. 10k gold when a account name your account as referral and another 50k when it reached level 20! Time to advertise KOP to your friends! 

12. Daily Quests
Rack up the score doing the daily quests will entitle you to a big fat red packet at the end of the week as well, so do not slack on your daily quests. 

13. Infamy level
Be it from fighting at Open waters or Tourney, your infamy level will get u a daily payout which improves when the better your infamy level becomes. All the more motivation for one to work towards being the baddest ass on the seas, heh?

So as one can see, there's plenty of ways / methods of earning gold for your progression but ultimately it boils down to the individual's hard work, luck and most importantly judgement. Good luck hunting!