These are my pirate experience once explore da game and playing tips are below.
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Ahoy! These are my pirate experience once explore da game and playing tips are below. Enjoy :D 

At the very first scene ‘o’ da game, Arr! we suffered from the bad hurricane in da turbulent sea. Fortunately, we found an island nearby and docked safely. The first enemy, Tate, is waiting near da dock. He is a pudgy man wearing Viking suit. It was a piece ‘o’ cake for Locke to defeat him. Then, the journey ‘o’ the great pirate begins at da Monkey Island in the Closed Waters. Vikings, gorillas and crocodiles are not worthy rivals. We found One-Eye at Atlantis (1-3) and defeated him. The old-salt pirate has strong ability. So we decide to gamble him out of Davy Jones’ curse, expand the ship, and let him b da main crews on our ship. 

One –Eye heads us to Uro Island. The Open Waters is available once we finish Uro. Blimey! We found pirate friends, set up the guild. We blown the enemies down here, pillaged for some booties, and collect the Jolly Roger.

Closed Waters is further explored, Mary Jane is one of me officer since Oakland Inlet (2-2) is done. Luckily, she was successfully charmed at the very first time. Pirate Tourney was discovered after defeat Warrior Kachi at Tawan coast. We can freely pvp with the same grade pirates and gain fames as much as we win. 

Black market appears at the Sun City (2-4). Smugglers offer ya many of cheap and worthy stuffs here. Cameron also lives here in this Sun City. After the Sun City quest, treasure ship seems to appear. There are three types of them. First, Merchant Ship gives you gold pouch. Second, Maiden’s Bounty (Crop ship) is for exchanging gold for crop, or vice versa. Trade trick is provided below the story section. The last one is Drifting Peddler for exchanging materials (at same level).

After Ivory Coast (2-5) quest, Finnigan is available for your team. His horn improves team morale while attacking. I still cannot find any strategy dat fit with Finnigan in team. Now, Treasure hunt also unlocked. 

Specialty Island is available at Uncharted Waters (3-1). Specialty upgrade enhance ya crew special skills. Next, Carnivorous Island (3-2) provide Evan (Captain Jack Sparrow). His specialty seems a bit useful than Locke. In my point of view, there r’ many officers dat stronger than him. Ye also can explore for extra materials and gold at 3-2.

Demon cave (3-4) is where ya can find Enigma. He is da one of the most popular pirate. Even his weakness to attack, it is so find someone who can deal lots of damage like him. That’s why most of teams choose him as a main damage dealer. Besides new recruit, transport cargo also open at this level. Ye can transport goods and infamy and plunder some from others.

After each end of the main story level, ye can find new recruit such as Marshall Fort (5-5) and Carolina Bay (6-8) for Bassar ‘n’ Blackbeard respectively. I want to share some of my playing tips to ya all as below, hope these may useful to ya mateys :) 

Ahoy, Matey – This section contains some techniques dat me have found while playing the game. Hope it will be useful for someone. 
Spending Rubies
Ahoy! Newbies, sometimes we are really new to these kinda games and we dunno what to do about limited stuffs like rubies. I suggests newbies players to invest your rubies just for expanding your baggies. But if ya plan to be vip players, then spending all ya want :D

Treasure Ship (Crop ship)
Have ya ever dreamt to be billionaires? That trick exists here. Normally, we do buy or sell when the crop price is mispriced from the trade market. However, crop price in some ships are in line with the trade market (0.80 – 1.20 gold per crop). Since trading in the market is unlimited buy and limited sell, the most efficient way to make arbitrage from these kind of ship are buy are at trade center at lowest price and sell to crop ship.

Treasure Hunt
Hey fellow, have ya ever annoyed by “someone wants your treasure”? I have figured out the way to avoid “someone wants your treasure”. Just hunt them when the time is almost off, i.e. 20 second left for treasure hunt. So while ya r transporting goods no one would steal your treasure.

Some Fighting Techniques
Stuck with some hard levels? Small button (video) near the island name might help ya figure out the strategy to win the level. Some bosses might deal extremely high damages to all your crews with their special attack. To avoid these attacks, absolutely ya have to eliminate him first. It will be easy if ya can eliminate him in the first attack round (use all your three high damage crews in his row). But if ya cannot, alternative would be using only two in his row. Then ya can atk him four times before he uses his special attack. Note that it also depends on ya enemies position.

Any hope for materials? Just attack the one who has the highest possibility to be offline. So keep watching and attacking the one who is almost run out of the 6 hours shield would be the best.

I have been attacking monster in levels for so long. Oh god, where is the boar hide im looking for? >>> Monster in yellow borders is your better choice. They will absolutely give ya higher chances, or super levels are your alternatives.

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