My feeling about the game
发布时间:2014-04-16 10:19:29
My feeling about the game : 

I would like to a recommends "The best Online" game into 2013 that i feed good and feel like a gamer. It is a Kingdom of Pirate. Many game that i was played was a off-line game and some game have a some kind of pirate , But those of them was so boring and cannot lets me to attend for long period .

From the frankly writing , I was never play a game online into my iphone at all. Due to it take a many minute, many hour , many day and so long to up grade any level . But, In my felling , it was totally different with a Kingdom of Pirate game . If you have many thing to do such as sleeping ( Big concern) , studies , watching TV , working own job and etc. , you were not to leave those activity and can be focus into both of things as well. 

Game Console and Character :

The story was started from I found advertise of Kingdom of pirate at a one chat program. The content and picture was different to others game that i was founded and played . After i was download and trial some hours. Then, I would like to scream that " It was a right game that i try to find out into my iPhone". due to 

- The content was easy to understand and not take more time to study , adjust knowledge 

- Many function to be upgrade and improvement 

- Equipment was not change as others game . ( You have to find a higher level and changed many time ) . But the Kingdom of pirate was only equipment and upgrade its . That's all. 

- The character was so nice and lets me choose to be a captain and have variety of subordinate to control . 

Game detail and Story :

It was a many zone / dungeon to lets many captains to fighting and explore a many treasure in a big sea . Also, You have a many quest from many ways that lets you to focus and doing your captain 's job . it is a one hi-light to all of player intend and find a way to achievement . Moreover, It will lets player shall be decision to used used own money / corn and rum , if you do right - you will get things right and if you do wrong , you will said and do it again ( One Challenge). 

Secondly , It have a PVP both of island , PVP mode and hunting mode to trial / compared and practice between my own team VS others player . Also, We have a Guild system to had a live chat , make a relationship and help each other as well. 

Thirdly , The most important thing is "A Money cannot lets you improved faster ". Due to this game have to used "A Rum" to drive your boat to fighting into Dungeon and find out a treasure . If you become a VIP 1-10 , you cannot bought a rum as much as you want ( limited as daily ) to growth a higher level as you need . So, This is a different thing as compared to others game that if your are rich man , you can get and hold every thing . But the Kingdom of pirate have to lets player growth by yourself and strong by yourself as well. 

So, if someone who would like to find a game that don't disturb your sleeping , Disturb your time with family , Disturb your time with work ( Avoid to lay -out ) and avoid to any disturb to you and others. I would like to suggest a one game that i still play and interested all the time . It is "" Kingdom of pirate " game . And you will get a good experience from its for sure. The last , I would like to thank you a Admin . developer and who create this game . It was a really good game and i will wait your update new version with a new technology inside again. 

Bye. See you in Server 2

kongko02 from server 2 ( Guild: Victoria Secret)