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This game contains dangerous dungeons, killing around every corner, various magic, bountiful equipment and much more. Players will brush through fog of the unknown, trying to avoid traps of all kinds and defeating the Powerful Dragon… Only those who are courageous can be considered as a true hero of stature and then be given the opportunity to go through the deepest of Dungeons and the chance to obtain ultimate secret treasures!

Whilst lurking around enemies, your heroic deeds will bring you both Territory and Prestige! Now is the time to put everything aside, take the offense and defend your honor! You will be able to create rare equipment and study ancient magic spells throughout your adventure. Cleanse dungeons from Evil with strategic trap layouts, Train up strong guards and Make sure the enemy has no chance left! You will be able to Attack, Defend and get the chance to take a Stand on the Summit of Glory!

Within this ancient world of Sword and Fire, of whom shall write themselves into history as a Legend?

Game Features

★ An authentic dungeon adventure game in a tribute to classic Rogue-like gameplay. Containing hundreds of well-designed dungeons of all shapes and sizes... filled with darkness, dreariness, goons and traps... It is a place only for the strong. Throughout a numerous amount of mechanisms, chests, Vampires, Golems and Dragons, OH MY! There are a lot of dungeon creatures awaiting players to match their wits! Within the depths of these dungeons and secrets behind hidden doors, there are abundant treasures waiting to be brought back into the light of day!

★ A defense game of endless fun and friendly competition against other players. Players will have to use their own wisdom by rearranging defense buildings to make a strong defense as well as strategizing attack plans to create a foolproof security. Possibilities are absolutely unlimited with each and every player creating their own unique dungeon designs. What’s more, you will be on the tip of your toes while flaw-finding through a vast variety of such unique dungeons in order to capture and seize their treasures!

★ On your way to the ultimate treasure, both persistence and bravery are required. Great artifacts keep emerging, yet you will need to constantly forge more to restore them to their former glory; the remnants of magic scrolls are still in a mess, you will have to keep learning them to savvy the essence of energy. Like a drake needs continuous practice to breathe out engulfing flames, in this world of surging undercurrent, the only way to stay on top is to create the greatest offense and defense that anyone has never seen!

★ Being part of a League in the depths of these dungeons can make you and your fellow members a force to be reckoned with! Going further into the depths of these dungeons alone can be really difficult and dispiriting, so be sure to join a League for useful stuff and stat buffs to crush your enemies. Within the League you will find allies you have things in common with and can work together on adventures and share treasures. There is no power in one, but power in many, those without allies will perish!

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