Guardians:Royal Journey is a fun and addictive Strategy Tower Defense game
Dec05, 2016
The prince of the mushroom kingdom is in search of the legendary castle in the clouds and has embarked on a journey of adventure. But the world is dangerous, and the road is full of monsters and creatures looking to attack the royal convoy.
Haypi Monster3 -- A World of Monsters. Make Them Yours
Jun12, 2018
The story takes place on a beautiful and mysterious land, where lives a variety of bizarre monsters. Each trainer has a dream in his mind -- to get his fondest monsters in search of this land and fight with them.
Imperial Ambition is a Real Time Strategy game
Jan31, 2018
With novel game rules, diverse occupation gameplay and free sandbox strategy, Imperial Ambition,the elaborately designed next-gen magic strategy game,brings SLG into a new 3.0 era. This game pioneers Kingdom War, allowing all players to strive and conquer for hegemony in a world map, which explains why ONLY in Imperial Ambition you can fight fierce battles with other large legions.
Haypi Monster: The Lost Tower is a cartoon style EDU game.
Aug04, 2013
Almost 200 different monsters are here, waiting for you to collect! Feed, breed and train them with your heart and love, form your dream team to challenge the mysterious lost tower!Now, you can gift monsters to other players. Gather them all together to face the evilest bosses and the toughest levels. Meanwhile, bring your strongest monster team to do PVP with your friends, see who can reach the top of the Lost Tower!
Haypi Adventure: Kingdom of Glory
May19, 2014
This new strategic war game is based during the Age of Discovery! Get ready to build up a defensive base as well as level up heroes and prepare armadas of ships to attack others! Invincible fleets are rushing in from the horizon of the sea. Cannons and turrets are pounding away at each other, filling the sky with smoke and splashing water everywhere!
Don’t become BRAINDEAD!!! Starting a Brand New Strategic Dungeon Adventure Game is now just a click away.
May15, 2017
This game contains dangerous dungeons, killing around every corner, various magic, bountiful equipment and much more. Players will brush through fog of the unknown, trying to avoid traps of all kinds and defeating the Powerful Dragon… Only those who are courageous can be considered as a true hero of stature and then be given the opportunity to go through the deepest of Dungeons and the chance to obtain ultimate secret treasures!
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